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Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Without Dieting

Many people try to avoid gaining weight during the holidays by doing the one thing they shouldn’t be doing: being restrictive during the most festive period of the year. All intentions towards preventing holiday weight gain are good, but it could also backfire. This is particular for holidays involving higher-than-normal stress levels and an abundance […]

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How to Avoid Too Much Holiday Spending

Decorating your house. Buying more household items from stores than you did earlier in the year. Playing Secret Santa at work. Cooking and preparing meals. Dressing up for different holiday parties and events. Shopping for giftitems. The weeks just before you officially resume work in January is littered with challenging expenses and obligations. As if […]

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Time Management Techniques for Busy Working Women

Women have come a long way from being stifled with few household responsibilities. More attributes have been added to their general perceived personality. Women are financially independent, strong, and bearing more responsibilities outside of their homes. They are educated, loving, gentle, and caring. A typical working woman has more responsibilities than just household tasks. For […]

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