Chief Editor, Specifications Nigeria Talks Up Major Influences In Our Latest interview

Times have changed, gone are the days when you had to work a white-collar Job to earn a meaningful living. With technology, social media, and the internet taking focus in the last 10 years, some previously considered less distinguished occupations which many might even call hobbies are taking center stage. Now a profession such as […]

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Davido vs Wizkid, Sexism In the Industry & Date,Marry,Smash – Terry The Rapman Tells It All In Our Exclusive Interview

In a no-holds-barred interview with Terry the rapman, the veteran rapper touched up on various topics in the entertainment scene including, sexism, Ikechukwu beef, and even airing his opinion on Davido vs Wizkid.  We also got him to play Date, Marry, Smash and asked him to explain exactly why he is still single. Everyone knows who […]


The Nokia 3310 Is Back!

Nostalgic feelings swept across the tech world yesterday, as HMD announced the reboot of the iconic and ridiculously durable phone. The Revamped version deviates slightly from the design and structure of the original but still bears a noticeable modern day resemblance to its predecessor. It runs on Series 30+, an operating system for feature phones with color […]

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