Author: Tomide Adeyeye

Is Cafe NEO The ONE?

Blue pill or Red pill? That infamous question asked by Morpheus in the first matrix movie is arguably the movie’s most iconic moment. In this scene, Morpheus asks Neo if...

DIY: How To Turn Skirts Into Shirts & Dresses

DIY: How To Turn Skirts Into Shirts & Dresses

Fashion is so beautifully dynamic and while we continue to debate on the blurry lines often crossed by fashion enthusiast ( or fashionistas as they are so eloquently called), what...

The Nokia 3310 Is Back!

Nostalgic feelings swept across the tech world yesterday, as HMD announced the reboot of the iconic and ridiculously durable phone. The Revamped version deviates slightly from the design and structure of...

Tecno Phantom 6 Hands-On Review

We finally got our hands on the Tecno Phantom 6 – which is the 2016 flagship device from Tecno. The Tecno Phantom 6 a follow up to the highly acclaimed...

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