Best Possible Fiber Foods Nigerians Can Include In Their Diet

Fiber is essential that it should be included in our daily diet. Fiber only occurs in fruits, vegetables, and grains. It is part of the cellular wall of these foods. Along with fiber and adequate fluid intakes, fiber is responsible for quickly moving foods through the digestive tract, helping it function optimally. Fiber works by drawing fluids […]


5 Natural Ways To Balance Your Raging Hormones

Hormones — such as estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline, and insulin — are extremely important chemical messengers that affect many aspects of your overall health. Hormones are secreted by various glands and organs including your thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, testicles and pancreas. The entire endocrine system works together to control the level of hormones circulating throughout your […]


The Wedding Party Train Moves To Cinemas In Ghana

“The Wedding Party”, a collaboration between EbonyLife Films, FilmOne Distribution, Koga Studios and Inkblot Productions is set to premiere in Ghana on the 30th of December, 2016. The wedding party since in debut in Nigeria has broken box office records as the biggest opening weekend in Nollywood after grossing 36 million naira in three days, and […]

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