About Us

Living a life and being alive are two different ways of existing. Dala is a lifestyle magazine that consciously seeks to influence your lifestyle positively. Our content which revolves around healthy living, entertainment, sports, books and movies helps you get the best out of life. Our products and services continue to ensure we offer our audience consistent quality.



Dala lifestyle

Healthy tips and Do-It-Yourself content for the African audience that helps you live a healthy but fun life.


City Review

Dala City

A tour guide around Abuja, Lagos and Port Harcourt. We share experiences about places in these cities to help you get the best experience whenever you visit.



Dala entertainment

We share on the go news about the entertainment industry. Our music, book and movie reviews are sure to thrill you and show different perspectives to a story.



Dala Sports

Our sports analyst is sure to engage you in an amazing way with reviews and predictions of football games and other sporting activities.

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