Knowing your Smoothies, Cocktails and Montail drinks.

Knowing your Smoothies, Cocktails and Montail drinks.

Drinks are a life saver especially good well made delicious drinks. Be it a smoothie, a mocktail drink or a cocktail drink.

Permit me to say that, after food yes, drinks are the second best thing on the menu and we all know that the menu has a range of drinks to choose from yes?

In most parties these days, there’s always a section for drinks especially the cocktail and mocktail drinks. You cannot go wrong with that believe me!

Do we or do we not know the difference between the mocktail and the cocktail? I’ll tell ya!

A  mocktail is like a sister to the cocktail drink. Why? Because it imitates the cocktail with the excaption of alcohol of course. Cocktail drinks are actually alcoholic. It most certainly contains alcohol and this alcohol are mixed with soft drinks, juices or other alcohols.

However, mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks made by mixing different fruit juices, iced tea or soft drinks.  So, clearly the non-alcoholic individuals do have something to excite them as well.

Meanwhile a smoothie is usually a thick, creamy and cold beverage made from raw fruit, vegetables and most times dairy products finalized with the use of a blender of course.


All of these are so refreshing when served chilled. For me yes, I always love to blend my fruits totally smooth and soft no roughages seen. My mum, hmmm not so much. you see, she is of the opinion  that the roughages actually helps in the movememt of one’s  bowels. Ain’t no lie about that! Still, I prefer it smooth.


las las eh bruh your preference matters in how you choose to make your smoothies, cocktails and mocktail drinks.

Mo ni pe aa sha le’ para wa. ( I mean I cannot come and kill myself) abi na? Eh


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