Ph Boot-camp and Ph Dribble Meetup.

Ph Boot-camp and Ph Dribble Meetup.

Hey everyone, every been to a boot -camp?looking for a way to showcase your skills  or improve them? Are you an entrepreneur who is striving to promote his/her business or even an aspiring entrepreneur and know not how to begin? Fret not! Because Boot-camp has got you covered.


Boot-camp is a week long Multi-sector training where Skills for Emerging Markets will be acquired.
It will intrigue you to know that the boot-camp’s main focus “ is to build and advance new and emerging markets skill sets by prepping business, brands, starts ups and Entrepreneurs to remodel in an effort to survive the glaring challenge of a Nigeria without Oil money. Innovation Boot-camp is a week long Multi-sector training where Skills for Emerging Markets will be acquired.”


So don’t sit aloof Join and take that leap. #oilesseconomy #phbootcamp #innovation

Save the Date and Time oh

Mon, Jan 7, 2019, 9:00 AM –

Sat, Jan 12, 2019, 3:00 PM WAT

And for Location, I gat you! Run over to

Teadro Information Center

76, Stadium Road, Rumuomasi

Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt 23401

Don’t miss this y’all!😊😊


Imagine a place set aside for people like you yes you! who are special, like a cult of goodies.😍 The Animators , the beautiful designers, the creative illustrators, and the talented artists all in one beautiful atmosphere sharing ideas and being in the euphoria of mind blowing activities. 💃💃


The Dribble Meetup is all about building a community for creatives in our City, especially as Port Harcourt  has a smaller market and a Dribbble Meetup would be awesome to share ideas, network, collaborate and have fun.


It’s an opportunity to truly get to know people, challenge your own beliefs and engage in the art of conversation.


Small chops, go dey pretete while reviewing shots (design portfolios). You don’t want to miss this!😁






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