The Beauty of Wearing a High-Heel Shoe.

The Beauty of Wearing a High-Heel Shoe.

It will be intriguing to know that the history of high-heels dated back to 15th Century Persia, where Soldiers wore them to secure their feet in stirrups. This trend was then brought to Europe where men adopted it to seem more formidable and taller.

However, by the late 15th century to the early 17th, there was a transformation in the upper-class European women whose shoes were exceptionally high to about 54cm. These shoes were called the pedestal-like chopine and were hidden underneath the women’s garment and the higher the footwear, the more cloth was required for the occasion thus indicating superior status.

King Louis XIV introduced the very first red heels and red soles to the French court, now known as our beloved Louis Vuitton shoes. Woe bide anyone to wear this shoe except of course those Nobles conferred to his circle. The color depicted Superiority and privilege.

Nowadays, there are a variety of beautiful long sexy heels to make you look ravishing as possible and totally fab. It’s no longer just restricted to some particular people, anyone can afford a pair of shoe they so desire.

Although, some shoes might be high priced as compared to others. There are certainly ones that are readily affordable. Some shoes come in 3 inches, 4, 6 inches and even above depending on the wearer’s preference.

Most shoes come in gorgeous colors and exciting creative designs, glitters, studs, Ankara prints, leopard prints, some come in leathers, glass, ribbon-shaped.

Surprisingly, according to studies wearing heel lifts your butt, calf muscles contract and shorten, while thighs tighten giving one this slim and toned appearance and it also adds height giving you a long and lean appearance.

Heels can actually boost ones confidence, giving you this authoritative look especially in the mist of tall individuals if you are petite.








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