Samsung S10 A look Into The Future.

2018 has thrilled us tech lovers with a lot of exciting and mind blowing gadgets from the iPhone 7,8. X, XR, X Max, the Samsung S9 & S9+ and its like. And now, the one that will blow us off our seats is the new Samsung S10 that will be launched by January 2019.


According to reports Samsung has officially listed the Galaxy S10 “Beyond X’ with 6.7-inch with up to six cameras and an integrated 5G.


However, only two variations have been listed which are the SM-G977U for the North America and SM-G977N for Samsung’s home country South Korea.


Also, the European version based on reports states that the Samsung SM-G977F might be unlikely and there’s a tendency that the roll-outs in Asia and South America would not be wide.
Imagine having six cameras at your disposable in just one phone, the possibility of channeling your photographic skills is going to be beyond our wildest imagination. The Samsung S10+ is going to be an even better upgrade to the Samsung S10.
I believe Samsung’s faithful and gadgets fanatic are pretty excited about this innovation come 2019. It will also have wireless charging and it will be water resistant as well. Now, isn’t that a thrill to behold? Rumors have it that it will have finger print sensory, iris scanner and face recognition.
Based on all of this features for the new phone, our  utmost concern right now should be, can we afford this future phone? Because, clearly the price of the phone is going to be even more expensive than the S9 &S9+ put together.
Are you ready to tear down that bank account of yours and get this amazing  gadgets for 2019?  is it worth the hype? Do you think it’s actually the future of 2019? let me know your opinion about this Samsung gooddy bag.



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