News Flash: Meet the Finland Ferry that sails by itself.

News Flash: Meet the Finland Ferry that sails by itself.

News of a Japanese got us thinking about how our robot-filled future is fast becoming our robot-filled present. Robots—machines that can be programmed to perform complex human tasks (or tasks that humans can’t or shouldn’t perform)—are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, and are showing up in more unexpected areas of life. They staff hotel desks, fill pharmacy prescriptions, lead workout classes, patrol for sharks and take us on a cruise around the world.


The Latest Technology by Rolls-Royce could help us sail around the world without having to live in fear of Marine accidents caused by human errors due to simple things like fatigue, crew not being rested and not being in the right place. This is when . Sensors and cameras help this ferry in Finland navigate independently and allowing it to dock itself. It can also Detect and avoid obstacles such as Icebergs and Rocks.


In an emergency it can be controlled by humans from dry land using satellite and internet communications. Remote Operation centers allow a captain to take over by using satellite and internet connections, No matter where in the world the ship is, we have a really good view.


According to Anu Peippo, “I can basically see 3600 around this ship and obviously, I am not feeling what I would feel on board. But otherwise, I could control the vessel as good as I could from the vessel.”


Rolls-Royce, who have developed the technology, believe it could eventually lead to ships not needing staff. They also predict that we would see fully unmanned ships operated using this remote Automated Technology, freeing up more space for cargo and requiring less energy. This ship is one of the first to sail anonymously.

But think about it, would You want to travel on a Ship without a Captain or Crew?

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