The evolution of  the Neck choker.

The evolution of the Neck choker.

A Choker is a close-fitting necklace worn on the neck that gives the neck a sophisticated look.  This neck choker is a neck piece which comes in a leather, chain or even a material style worn over one’s neck. some are velvet in nature, plastic like, beaded form, and even gold, silver and platinum form. Attached to it are peals, pendants and studs depending on the make.


According to reports this neck chokers were crafted by Sumerian artisans around 2500 BC and chokers have been around for thousands of years now tracing back to the earliest civilizations of Ancient Egypt.


it will surprise you to know that chokers of those days had different meanings attached to it, like being a protective piece that has special powers. In 1798  during the French Revolution, women who wore red ribbons on their necks were seen as those paying homage to those who died at the guillotine. ( is an apparatus designed for efficiently carrying out executions by beheading). This ribbon were worn around the neck and later it was fashionable be wear it around the shoulders and back in the form of an X.


By the 19th century, Ballerinas and those of the upper class wore chokers. However if a thin red, or black ribbon choker was worn around a lady’s neck she was tagged as a prostitute.


Nowadays though, these neck choker can be worn by everybody and there’s no social status or a fear of being tagged as a prostitute attached to wearing it. it would be myopic of anyone to signify or associate a lady wearing a neck choker as a prostitute.

Also celebrities have been seen adorning their neck with this beautiful piece called a neck choker and its just basically a way to show an individual’s creative necklace style and taste.




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