Technology, we would agree has been more of an advantage to us than a disadvantage, although not without lapses. But, today we would be looking at the thrill we get from it.

Our phones play a major role here, because we have technology at our finger tips with just one touch.

Every smart phones have apps ( Software Applications) that can be downloaded unto the phones. Most apps come with a price and others are totally free. Now, I’m certain a lot of us go for the free apps than the paid ones, after all the apps do the same thing except of course it, has an advantage tied to its payment.

According to research, the apps on Android now is 400,000 making it 25% behind Apple stores. Apple stores based on the last survey in March 2018, the total number amounted t 2,100,000. let’s bear in mind that these are both paid and free apps in totality.

Certainly, it’s a frenzy of downloads for us.

let’s dive right into the apps that could change your life forever and the best part is they are totally free.

JUMIA FOOD: Order meals online. click here for easy download.

This is so exciting for foodies like you and I. we can just sit in the comfort of our homes, offices and just order our favorite meals delivered to our doors via our smartphone with these simple steps:
Hunger dey worry you? Enter your location, find the restaurants that delivery to your address.
Select your restaurant/type cuisine of your choice.
Enter your delivery address & pay online/cash on delivery.
Track your meal preparation & enjoy speedy delivery!
Rate & review the  whole experience. Simple!
It has a lot of good reviews and it’s rated 4.2 Star, it has 1million downloads and the apps free.

PIGGYBANK.NG- The better way to save and invest. click here to download

It’s a digital online savings and investment app that assists you to save and invest money with ease. One can save automatically or based on your terms- set daily, weekly or monthly. It’s a save as you go app.

I’m one of their customers. it’s quite efficient and secure. You get your alerts via texts and email.  419 no dey, you can calculate what you are spending, you can also change your savings option depending on how the money dey enter. lol.

PINTEREST: click here to download

It’s a social network of various stuffs, giving you tips on DIY(Do it your self) tips from fashion, food, travel, books, makeup, furniture, hairstyles, weaves, phones and so many others.

Now all you need do is ‘Pin’ those things that are of interest to you and they are automatically arranged, on your themed boards. Go wild and enjoy this app. I know I do.

SNAPCHAT: Click here for download.

It’s basically a social app that lets one take a picture, video or text and post or share with friends. It comes with crazy features that one would fall in love with. A popular feature will be the Dp( Display picture) of colorful flowers on some girl’s head.

DALA: Click here to download.

It’s a lifestyle magazine that makes a conscious effort to influence your lifestyle positively via their contents varying from health& fitness, Food, entertainment, fashion & beauty, money, technology and city.

You certainly, cannot go wrong with this. Your service is their utmost concern and responsibility. Don’t dull oh.

I hope these apps, gives you the utmost uses and gratifications as it gives me. Remember, that these apps are not restricted to just Android phones, but are open to all.

Go crazy!

Diary of Nana

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