Shredded Beef Sauce et Scrambled Butter Rice

Hello darlings welcome back to our cookery day with me. Today we would be discovering the beau behind Shredded Beef Sauce and Scrambled Butter Rice. Amaze balls!


It’s a wonderful Christmas, New year, Thanksgiving and any other day recipe.


It won’t come as a surprise if I say that eating rice is a tradition in any African home especially on a Sunday or a festive period.


So, worry not if thanksgiving has passed for you can prepare this on Sunday.

On that note let’s cook.


Shredded Beef Sauce


Cow Beef and brown stock.

Ginger& Garlic.

Corn Flour.

Sesame Oil.

Ketchup (small)

Olive oil/Butter.



Put your oil on the non-stick pan

Add Beef, garlic, Onion.

Cover for a while.

Add ketchup and a drop of vinegar.

Add the stock and allow it cook for some minutes.

Then add corn flour to thicken.

Add the shredded Green pepper.

Serve with Basmatic Rice.

And there you have it the Beef Sauce is ready babies. We would Keep that aside for now and next we cook the rice.

I’ll recommend you use unsalted butter, it gives it a nice flavor.


Scrambled  Butter Rice

Recipe: Long Grain

Butter &oil




Par-boil your rice and wash.

Cook till date.

Add the oil in the pot, mix the egg with milk and fry as in scrambled egg.

Note: Do not use coloring on the rice, because it ought to remain as white and clear as snow.

Serve with your Shredded Beef Sauce and yum! yum!


Least I forget, you can also use flour to thicken your sauce if you don’t like or have corn flour because they practically do the same job.


Go and make wonders in that kitchen of yours and make your audience believe in this delicacy of Shredded Beef Sauce et Scrambled Butter Rice.























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