PROS AND CONS OF IPHONE X: Is it worth it?


iPhones, just like all the apple products are on a roll especially for their high-security measures, which are self-destructive in most cases of theft and intrusion. The case just got better with the release of the iPhone X series into the market.



The iPhone X with its face ID recognition features has been a roller coast of emotions for its users. We shall be looking at its pros and cons and you’ll determine if it’s worth the hype.



The iPhone with its iOS feature has been a thrill for every tech individuals. From it’s picture quality, touch ID , the sleekness of the phone and its capability, memory space etc.



The birth of iPhone was on the 29th  of June 2007. And its model were available in 4, 8, and 16 GB of memory. So, it gave users preference.


It has grown from the iPhone 4, to the 5’s ( 5s, 5c), 6, 6s, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus and now iPhone X( 10) which has and still is breaking the internet.


The iPhone X  was created to change technology as we know it. This is looking beyond the future.  It specifics is the OLED screen, the glass and stainless-steel form factor thus enabling wireless charging.  And this has broken the iPhone history as it is.


However, iPhone X has its pros and cons. And lets start with its


FACE ID: The iPhone x comes with this unique features, erasing the touch ID as seen on other models. It enables the user use his/her face to unlock their phones. And its intelligence wouldn’t let another unlock your phone except of course you’re a twin.


WIRELESS CHARGING: The wonderful thing about this is, one can actually charge the phone without using the regular travel charger. It has a panel where the phone, iPod, iWatch can be charged at the same time.


FAST CHARGING: According to Apple, like the iPhone 8 , the iPhone X  charges fast . In about an hour your phone could have charge up to 70% and 50% with the regular charger. Thus, having more battery life than the 7.


BIGGER BETTER SCREEN:  The screen is bigger and better than its siblings. It features full HD OLED and True Tone technology. Its size is 5.8 inches and Apple included the highest pixel capacity ever, meaning your viewing experience will be superior to other iPhones.


ANIMOJIS:  If you’re a lover of emojis, then you’d totally love this animojis. They are animated  emojis using the users face. it can also be sent to your friends via I Message.




The price of this phone is so exorbitant. 64GB model – ₦335,000 to ₦390,000 and 256GB model – ₦369,000 to ₦550,000. Well, if you feel the pros outweighs this, then, it’s the phone for you.



NO TOUCH ID:  This might be a worry for iPhone users who are already used to the touch ID, and are probably not open to changes. if you fall into  this category, then the phone might not be for you.


NOTCH AT THE TOP:  While the iPhone X screen covers the length of the phone, a notch blocks the screen at the top for the front-facing camera. This notch has been criticized by some as interrupting the view of the screen.


ONLY ONE SIZE: It comes in only one size not giving the user an option like its counter parts the iPhone 8, 7 and 6.  Technically, leaving those who want a smaller screen having to compromise with the iPhone X.



FEWER COLOR OPTIONS: The iPhone X comes in fewer colors.  silver and space gray (black) and many people think Apple should have considered adding more colors for those who don’t like the options offered.


I’ve watched reviews of die hard fans of gold and rose gold who are totally disappointed in the lack of color choices with the iPhone X. Unfortunately they are trying to adjust to the change.


So, yes,  I’ll let you be the judge of if it’s the phone for you.






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