Mini Bags: One of the most essential accessories to own.

Mini Bags: One of the most essential accessories to own.

Mini Bags are the in-thing now for women, especially bag lovers like you and I. And these bags comes in various sizes, shapes, texture, designs and colors. Now, that’s what I’m talking about.

In 2018, Tiny bags is the new trend for women of fashion. This small bags, actually has a large room inside of it. Oh My God! Amazing right?. One would be shocked at the amount of things that can fit into the bag.

Every Woman’s pride other than her shoes, lipsticks, weaves, and wig is her ‘HAND BAG’ and in this case the mini bags has made love even more sweeter. My Mum will always say to me, Nana, a lady does not go out without her bag.



With the advent of these mini-bags, We need not worry about thoughts like ‘Ah! As e dey do me now eh, my sister to carry big bag tire me” now, that’s been erased.




Every lady should own a mini-bag and save herself the stress of deliberating on if they want to carry that big bag to go out on that date or not.


These bags are quite affordable too and you can get them in Nigeria. What a thrill?


Wallets, phones, charger, your favorite lipstick, perfume, Glasses, Car keys can and will all fit into this wonder of a bag.


Ngwa, Dads, husbands, boyfriends, get in here and buy your lady a mini bag and get that warm hug and kisses. Mind you no be only ladies they carry bags too oh. it’s unisex.



Yes, men aren’t left out in this mini bag revolution my darlings. The clutch bags, the waist bags and even the cross shoulder bags are made for men.


It can be worn on official to casual look, and is even more appealing to the younger generations.

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  1. Kum kum says:

    Nice one…thank God I own one or two

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