FAUX LOCS: Every African Woman’s Pride And Joy…… Bestow On Thy Selves This Black, Alluring, Magnificinet And Queenly Hair Style…………………………………………………………………………………………………

  1. Faux locs: A  protective hair style that allows the beautiful African Woman and Men as well to look good without actually having to go dread, especially for those of us that aren’t quite ready to lock our natural hair.

It is a sexy, stylish and easy hairstyle. It’s method is simply winding extensions around sections of your hair giving the user the delightful illusion of actually wearing or owning a real locs.


Faux locs are versatile, fun, pretty, gorgeous and totally fitted for everyone. Gone are the days when one associates Dreads/ Faux locs with being irresponsible or completely insane.




Faux locs now,  especially in the beauty industry has gained traction as a style that one can wear with confidence to any social or professional setting. Thus, making the Faux locs beneficial for a variety of reasons. Zendaya an American Actress wore Faux locs to the 2015 Oscars. So, there you have it. Boom! others who are rocking or have rocked this hair style are Willow Smith, Rihanna, Jhene Aiko, Nicki Minaj, Megan Good and Ciara..


Dreads have a beautiful, rich history associated to it. And the culture attached to them is mind-blowing. let me not bore you with history abeg. lol.

It may be a concern to the first-timers, and it may seem an intimidating  style to indulge one’s self with, but naaa it is actually one of the most low-maintenance styles ever, that one can have or install.


Moving forward, these Faux locs/ dreads are styled in different lengths, colors, pattern and textures. You see, clearly you cannot be bored with it.



Did I mention that it could be worn for more than a month? Yes! Yes! I see that look of disbelief. No lie lover, you can. It has this advantage, of being able to wash it once it’s getting old or it’s trying smell.


If  you were, drenched by Mother nature, worry not, just go dry your hair, and you’re back to looking like a queen that you are. Shikena kuwe! ( Meaning that’s all in Hausa.)


It could be worn in a curly, straight form. Accessories are added to give it this illuminating look. It ranges from beads, be it wooden, plastic, the transparent ones and even the colorful ones for those of us who are color freaks.




I also, have tried this style, twice my darlings and the older it becomes the more it shines, making it even more difficult for you to un-install. And, need I forget you can re-install it as many times as you wish. Now, that’s an excellent score.

Also, you need not travel far to get it installed, your Faux Locs can and would be done by  PH’s Fauxlocs Boss. Everything you dey find for Sokoto, dey ya Shokoto( Trouser)

In my opinion if you are the busy bee and cannot afford to visit your hair salon as often as you wish, this is where your money should go. The look can be achieved using Marley Hair, Crochet, Kanekalon  attachment and Human hair, Pick the one that suits you.


Enough said. Go and slay this look………

Xoxo Nana.

Diary of Nana.






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