Doris Bite……… What a Delight….

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Good morning, Happy New Month Darlings, I hope I’m not late wishing you and welcoming you to a beautiful Month.

Okay today’s delish is Doris Bite. Yummy! Absolutely nutritious as well. I was opportune to learn this when I attended a catering school. Remember, I told you darlings, that creativity is key to cooking yes? So, image how thrilled I was, when the Teacher gave us the recipe and taught us this.

A Friend of mine had this meal and refused to share. That’s how lit the food was. lol.

That being said lets cook…..

Recipe: Irish potatoes – kg
Boiled Egg – 2
Ring Carrot – 100g
Sausage – 2 (Hot Dog)
Crocker Fish – 500g
Beef Meat – 500g
Chicken ( make roux)
Green Pepper – Medium size.

Wash and peel the Irish Potatoes.
Boil the Egg.
Wash the Carrot and cut in ring.
Cook the Potatoes, add the Carrot and Sausage to boil.
Add the seasoning and Curried Onions.
Cut and fry the Fish and Beef, Meat, Chicken in 1/4 size.
Shred the Cabbage, blanch and serve with the meal.

Cole Slaw
Recipe: Cabbage
Trim off the outter leave of the Cabbage.
Wash and cut into quarters.
remove centre stick
Shred finely. Wash with Salt and drain well through a colander.
Mix with a fine Julliene (Shredded) of raw Carrot.
Garnish with raw Onion.
May be binded with Mayonnaise Sauce and Serve.

And Your very own plate of Doris Bite and a plate of Cole slaw to accompany it is ready. It’s such a delicious meal trust me and it’s quite fulling too.

Do try it, and let me know how it turned out.

Lets understand what Blanch actually means: Blanch is a cooking process wherein a food, usually a vegetable or fruit, is scalded in boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and finally plunged into iced water or placed under cold running water (shocking or refreshing to halt the cooking process.

Blanching foods will help reduce quality loss over time. Blanching is often used as a pre-treatment used prior to freezing, drying, or canning in which vegetables or fruits are heated in order to inactivate enzymes, modify texture, remove the peel, and wilt tissue.

Blanching is also utilized to preserve color, flavor, and nutritional value.

The process has three stages: preheating, blanching, and cooling.The most common blanching methods for vegetables/fruits are hot water and steam, while cooling is either done using cold water or cool air.

Other benefits of blanching include removing pesticide residues and decreasing microbial load. Drawbacks to the blanching process can include leaching of water-soluble and heat sensitive nutrients and the production of effluent.

Diary of Nana.

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