Ladies !! Boost your Confidence with this Ultimate Fashion Trend

Fashion is a popular style or trend especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, hairstyle and body. It is a distinctive and often constant trend of style with which people present themselves. …

Fashion can be seen from Different angles

Fashion according to you may be anything that pleases the eyes, makes you feel comfortable and and confidence.  others may see it as anything that’s in trend or is popular at the moment. …

But Generally:

fashion is about expressing your identity by the way you dress or carry yourself. Most fashions are linked to cultural backgrounds and Heritages.

fashion in Nigerian traditional styles is very popular among trendsetters. This can be attributed to the fat that it’s quite unique, rich with a colorful pattern you wouldn’t miss.

The Nigerian fashion has really grown with more exposure, standards and styles

And Today;

We can see many advanced trends all around us.

Women On Agbada

Agbada frenzy

Currently, there is this hot trending fashionable wear called the ‘Agbada’!. it’s a  traditional outfit worn by the Yoruba Male of the southwestern Nigeria and even the Replublic of Benin, West Africa.

The outer robe- from which the entire outfit derives its name “Agbada” means voluminous attire, that is big, loose fitted, ankle-length garment.

It’s so trendish that there’s even a challenge about this ‘Agbada’ on Intagram ,😂 promoting the movie titled ‘The merry men, the real Yoruba demons’ (the premiere of the movie held in Port Harcourt Silver Birds Cinema on the 30th of September) ,

well officially the movie can now be viewed nation wide at the cinemas near you.

Fashionistas has made the ‘Agbada’ a uniquely unisex attire as compared to the olden days when it was solely for men. Now, a lady can pair this with a beautiful high heel shoe or even a beautiful flat, regardless of the colour.

Fabulously, now one can pair this attire with a mixture of Southern and Northern touch to it as Empress Njamah did on the premiere of #Merrymen the movie.

She looked absolutely gorgeous I tell ya!. She paired the Agbada with our Etibo accessories, a beautiful crocodile printed shoe and her beaded cap and walking stick. Need I say she won the #Agbadachallenge chi!

Now Listen Ladies

if you haven’t thought of sewing this style, click here and what you see will change that perception and imprint a new meaning into this fashionable style. Go and make mama proud darlings.

Live life to its fullest.

Love Nana.

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