ABC’s of Technology

With the advent of technology, came social media(sm) namely Twitter, Facebook, whatsapp, Snapchat Instagram, face time, skype, hi5, tumbler, etc.


However, social media was not the only child of technology as one cannot exclude the vendors who use these apps to make life easier for their fellow human beings.

Instagram has created a lot of viewers and commentators because its content is not just visual, audio but also graphics. One could post a picture, send a video and now even run live videoing. Your questions could be solved either via DM (direct message) or commenting on the person’s page or post.


It is no news that a lot of people are swamped with daily routines and are not opportune to do things for themselves. Case in point: going the market to get groceries, cooking, shopping, etc.


The advent of technology has given people the advantage of living the luxurious life to the fullest. Now, all you need do is go online search for a grocery vendor, or whatever you may need, make an order and it’s been delivered to you.

Prior to technology, one had to go the market, mall etc to purchase goods, then surprisingly and interestingly an order could be placed, after placing it you pick up your orders but now, delivery company’s are sprouting up to help make life easy for both the vendor and the seller with just a little fare attached to it.


Everyone has tapped into this overwhelming and exciting experience of just making an order and awaiting your delivery, most times payment is done on delivery, the transfer is acceptable.


The trill of not having to go to the bank regularly to withdraw money has saved a lot of people.


Technology, in general, has made life as easy as A, B, C’s

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