Like me…. You can really Look Good on a Natural Hair-do!

Can I be Totally Honest with you?

There was Once a time i could cut corners to belong to this amazing group of hotties . I was so crazy about hairs and hair extensions. My favorites where the trendy human hair of every size, but since i want to be honest,  i could do anything for the extremely long ones…

now, I have realized that looking fab is essential, but feeling comfortable is  importanter (lol,).

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When I first got into the university, it was the trend for young girls to wear Brazilian hairs, own a blackberry and all that good stuffs.

It could be intimidating when your mate has her hair rolled up in a bending rollers and parading the halls of the hostel with such aura, and there you are staring in lost.

I practically remember being told by a friend of mine, that my hair looked awful. Why you may ponder… well I’ll tell you, hmmm so it happened that before I resumed for school, I went to my hair stylist to install a Darling Yaki weave and make it look like a lace wig, which was trendish.

We Have all Been There…..

I couldn’t afford to get my own lace wig, on what allowance if I may ask? What a laugh!! I got my desire fulfilled you see, my stylist did a great job too but I got mocked nevertheless. Due to shame I uninstalled the hair that very night, hair I had paid so heavily for… but, that mattered less.

The urge to get every packaged, naked hair was overwhelming. I couldn’t pass a hair shop or any area at all that had Brazilian hair and not not want to buy it. Yo! FAM it was crazy. Every hair that my money could afford, I got it. The thought of going broke did not remotely keep one from still wanting to acquire more hairs that one really did not need.

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However, the supposed feeling of belonging to a fashion uphill was a lost cause, trust me… Why? I couldn’t last a month having an installed weave on my head. I just couldn’t. Lol. The itching… oh god! Don’t get me started on that. It was mind blowing and not in a good way. Lol.

And believe me, it did not Stop there:

I got wounds from excess scratching, headaches from having to bang my head so much when I felt a tingle on my scalp. It felt like I had tenants there, who were so engrossed in cleaning their apartment that a lot of noise was made in my head. I sweat a lot on my scalp and invariably the hair was bound to smell, and oh yes it did smell…argh! My dad practically would go madam! The madam! This ya hair is smelling oh…

I learnt, and experienced that weaves were not for me, especially if I dared carried it for a month.  It would be interesting to know that a lot of us don’t realize that hairs do come with an expiration date, and unfortunately not every hair is suitable for everyone.

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The secret is:

knowing when it’s time to cut it off, be brave, be confident, block all the negative talks, looks and just set yourself free from the bondage of following the fashion or being fashionable.

Now, I cherish my natural hair that comes with the ease of putting my fingers through my hair, breeze kissing into the scalp, beautiful smell and definitely feeling good and fab as well. I wouldn’t say I don’t fix no more, but I know when it’s necessary to and I’m not pressured to buy a weave or feel intimidated just because I not wearing one.

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So my lovers, being comfortable is key to fashion and not just belonging.  Therefore be You, do You, and look fab in anything you consider fashionable. Don’t underestimate your choices.

Bonus Tip:

Because you have read to this point, I have a special gift for you. Here are a list of sites you can find amazing Natural Hair-do’s to boost your Confidence, You should check them out. i get most of mine from there..


And Please Don’t Forget to: ,

Share your experiences in the comment section below to help  growing ladies in the industry understand the fact that Natural Hair Rocks. You could just be saving a life!!. LOL

Diary of Nana.

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