Who else wants to Loose weight Fast?

People think that being healthy and fit is all about losing that extra pound, but I quite disagree. I know for certain that fitness differs for individuals, one might be losing that extra pound, another transitioning from skinny to thick, and then totally maintaining the body pound you already have.


So, there are 3 ways to keeping fit and healthy. Albeit, it’s eminent to understand and note that, some people go through peculiar difficulties in terms of weight loss or gain and as such one cannot or should I say, should not categorize one’s effort useless without first understanding this.

There are many weight loss, weight maintenance, and weight gain menu/timetable. A popular one will be the Keto regime which many of us have tried it I’m sure, including me and my younger sister and It was not easy I’ll tell you. It was quite expensive getting the products needed for the weight loss journey, so we had to stop it.

My sister saw another timetable that had Nigerian products, and that could be easily purchased by even the low-income savers and we found it gratifying. the rule was NEVER to eat after 7pm. some menu was just apples and lots of water, another was Cucumber and prior to this time I never ate cucumber so I had to learn that. the First day we started this, I had massive headaches, I felt faint and I was so hungry. But my sister would not let me go against the plan. she goes sister our cheat day is in two weeks time. ( That seemed like a year)’ we followed through with the plan and were exercising every morning and evening.
Before we started the weight loss, we took measurements of our tummy, arm, hips, burst and scaled our weight because we needed to know if there was any change due to the new way of dieting. And it will interest you to know the weight plan worked. now, we have moved to the second diet plan which is to maintain the new weight we have.

I would share the diet plan with you all and hope it helps anyone trying desperately to either lose, maintain that pound. Get the diet plan here

we got the menu somewhere online Nevertheless, go through it and I await your feedback.
Diary of Nana.

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