What every Business Owner ought to know about Advertising on instagram

In today’s world, optimizing the sales of your product without considering a social media ( facebook, whatsapp, Instagram) marketing strategy is a total waste of time.

There is no point contributing to the growing heap of mediocrity. It wastes your time, and worse, it wastes your resources

Sometimes, I’ll see a Marketer complaining that:

“I have invested in it before, it’s very difficult to set up, and sometimes, the goals are not met”.

And every time I’ve taken a closer look at their online marketing strategy, I’ve quickly seen why they never got their intended profit margin.

According to a social media examiner, about 96% of marketers are currently participating in social media marketing.

The ability to market your product to over 2.77 billion social media users is a very powerful tool. Although it might be daunting at first, but knowing how to sell successfully on social media has never been more lucrative.

So I ask you:

Wouldn’t it be great if you can sell some of your products through a single photo on a social media post – with buyers from around the world?

Well, guess what – you can

In this article, I’ve put together a quick and simple guide on how to sell your products on Instagram.

But wait, you are probably wondering:

“Why Instagram?”

Instagram is one of the most popular platforms today that allows online photo sharing and social networking. While Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly users, Instagram’s growth has reached 800 million active monthly users. In fact, according to Brand Watch, 50% of users follow brands on Instagram.

With Instagram gaining nonstop popularity, it’s no surprise that Businesses and brands have started to react more and more to this rapidly growing platform, and if you analyse the top 100 brands in the world, 90% of them have an Instagram account.

So what are you waiting for?

Here are four Expert methods you can adopt to join the legion of market influencers on Instagram.

Create An Instagram Profile for your Business.

There are 2 types of Instagram accounts: Personal and business. The business account was launched in 2016 to give brands more flexibility in its market place.

Your Instagram Business account profile is a key factor to consider if you want to make more sales from Instagram.  If Instagram is a market place, then your business profile is your currency. You can use it to buy followers, conversations, customers, and even brand loyalty.

In essence, your profile is the critical piece in the Instagram market place. This means that you should put in more effort in creating an influential Instagram profile.

Some important points to consider when creating your Instagram profile are

  • Profile Photo
  • Profile name (your profile name should not exceed 25 characters)
  • Your Bio (Your bio should be on a minimum of 140 characters)
  • Url Section of your Bio (The url section is the only place you can add a clickable link in your Instagram page, so make sure to use it wisely)


Integrate Instagram page to Ecommerce shopping apps:

Instagram provides you with so much opportunities to sell your product but there is one big limitation to the platform – Adding a single link to your Bio. This restricts you from

  • Posting links of more than one product
  • Displaying old and new product links at a time
  • Adding links to different kinds of product

However, with Ecommerce shopping features, you will be able to publish products, along with their pricing and specifications on separate pages. This will ensure a positive and consistent experience to your customers. Some Ecommerce apps to consider include:

  • Shopify
  • io


Using Targeted ads to reach your audience:

With over 300 million daily active users on Instagram, there is a probability that your products are not reaching the right people. Instagram provides businesses a variety of targeting alternatives to best suit their business needs.

By subscribing to Instagram ads, you can find and engage the most relevant audience.

Other advertisement Tips Include

  • Hiring an Instagram influencer
  • Creating Instagram Stories with Product links
  • Using Instagram location feature
  • Using creative hashtags related to your products
  • Adopting Compelling Captions

Offer Promotions on Your Product.

Everybody likes the word “free” and “Discount”. This practically makes people to be more willing to take an action. From a business perspective, the upfront costs can be substantial, but its benefits are more valuable if properly implemented.

Using freebies on your Instagram page will not only create a buzz round your page, but will also drive targeted audience to your Instagram business profile. Some product promotional tips include

  • Instagram Contests
  • Premium Instagram Discounts on product purchases
  • Exclusive gifts for referrals


There’s no doubt;

Instagram is one of the fastest growing online market for Business owners. While it might be difficult to get started, especially if you’re new to social media, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

One thing is clear:

Customers and competitors will always use social media for business. its cheap and has a high ROI.

It’s left for you to either join the current trend, or watch your business go down the Stock Market. It’s that simple.

Do you have more ideas on how to sell on Instagram? Kindly comment below.

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