How to cook waterleaf and bitter leaf soup: Receipe.

Today’s Menu is water leaf and bitter leaf soup.

It is safe to say, everyone loves to eat.
Everyone loves food. But, it is much more gratifying when it is good food, and by that, I mean a well cooked meal added with a spice of love into it.

For me , Love is the secret ingredient to any food and I have my mum to thank for that.

Cooking is not hard, and sharing your recipe isn’t a big deal too, I hear people say I don’t want the person to copy me, I doubt that, no two person’s can cook the same. Same method but different results, and that’s why in cooking ‘CREATIVITY’ is involved. Thus, I agree with French Chef Gusto in his book titled “Everyone can cook” therefore let’s cook.

My mum taught me this, as did her mum. So it’s a family recipe that has survived many generations. Today, I’m sharing my family recipe with you – Let’s go.

Recipe: water leaf 2 portions.
Washed bitter leaf.
Stock fish.
Beef/chicken/ Fresh  Fish.
Dry fish.
Pomo (cow skin)
Prawns (optional)
Shell periwinkle (optional)
Fresh pepper
Seasoning cubes
Crayfish 3 Table spoons.
Palm oil.
Cameroon pepper.
Tin tomatoes.
Cut onions.

Cook your stock fish, beef/ chicken, Pomo, prawns and set aside.

Cut your water leaf and set aside.

put your pot on fire with your palm oil in it, pour your cut onions let it fry a little.

Add your tin tomatoes, I normally use the entire content in the tin.

Add little water, let it simmer add your cooked beef, pomo, stock fish, periwinkle shell, dry fish, add seasoning cubes, blended fresh pepper, Cameroon pepper, cray fish.
If you have stock from your beef you could add that, taste. no salt, add. Let simmer for 2/5 mins. This is to let all the ingredients envelop the proteins.

Then add your water leaf ( most water leaf already has water, if it does not add some water)

The secret is keeping your leaf still green, so don’t over cook it. lastly add your washed bitter leaf turn and there you have it, your soup is ready. I enjoyed it the very first day my Mrs. Apiafi taught me and still do to date. I’m certain you’ll experience the flavors in this soup.

Serve with any swallow of your choice. Semo, Samvita, Wheat or Eba.

Bon Appetit mon ami.

I look forward to your feedbacks my loves. Be creative too, you never know I just might learn a different way to make this meal too.

Diary of Nana.

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  1. Kiki says:

    Nice, thanks for the recipe. Definitely trying it

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