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With the world improving technologically on a daily basis, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic gadgets are been updated to fit into the daily needs of the everyday man.

Whether it be for business or pleasure, these gadgets are tuned to fit our flexible individual needs.

However, what are these gadgets without the Apps that enable then function effectively and provide us with the tech solutions we need? Most users of electronic gadgets love the apps that either come with it or can be installed according to ones needs- its no secret.

Currently, there are over 3.8 million apps in the Google Play Store. This is about 10 times the population of Iceland

Now that’s a Lot of App to choose from.

The average phone (2gb Ram) can only install an estimated 50 apps without making your Android Slow. So how do we cut through the trash and find out the apps that we really need?

Worry No More

We are here for you. We have compiled 5 apps that we trust are very essential for your android this October.

We have also chosen these apps on the basis of their usage, functionality and how unique these apps are.  No matter the category they come from, they all share a common thing: They deserve a spot in your phone.

So, Here are they
The 10 must install apps for your android this October 2018. And the best part is : They are free

So Lets Dive In:


Screenshot Image

NotiSave is a notification saving app. It merges all the notifications your android receives in one app and when you open it, you can see all the notifications you have received in different categories. If you get millions of notifications on your phone, then this is for you.

You don’t even have to worry about removing a notification accidentally as it saves the history of all the notifications you have received.

This is a notification app that saves all notifications on your phone. you can even delete messages from the notifications history..

Since we are entering into a season of celebration, Notisave is a must have app for every Andriod user. You don’t want to miss that Life changing Deal. Click here to download Notisave now.

WallP APP:

Screenshot Image

One of the amazing thing that comes with each new smart phone release is its unique collection of wall paper that gets released at the same time.

If you are looking to get access to this unique list of wall papers, then this app might just be what you are looking for.

This app contains easy to identify categories of different wallpapers from our ever massive smart phones manufacturers some of which include ( Samsung, Google, LG, HTC).

The app is regularly updated with the newest release of Wallpapers, and also, possess an easy to use interface. Click here download wall P now.

Niagara Launcher APP:

Screenshot Image

This is a theme app that gives a new and fresh look to your home Screen.

I love this app because of its unique design, its ability to open apps quickly and  its enables me with the full functionality of using my android phone with one hand.

The animations are also very smooth and work flawlessly. Although this launcher is still at the development stage, its definitely a must have app for this October.
Click here to download Niagara Launcher for free

Story Photo motion App:

Screenshot Image

As the name implies, this is a story motion app that lets you create animated double exposure effects on your photos.

The app is unique and lets you create and share Picture Motion Art. You can turn your photos into animated Gif and share them on different social media platform.

It also has video tutorial that can help you understand the concept of the photo motion. This is a nice add-on for your Instagram and facebook Stories.
Download StoryZ Photo Motion app Here.


Screenshot Image

This is one of the top most positive apps of the year. YourApp gives you ability to control Your Smart Phone addiction.

It provides you with information you need to know about your daylong usage, your Total scree on-time, Your total Phone Unlock Time, Your most Used apps and so many more.

It also gives you the functionality of setting the maximum overall time and Unlock counts.
To download YOUR Please click here.

In conclusion, the above are our  top five apps to checkout this October 2018. If you enjoyed the apps, Please give us a review in the comment section below. We are eagerly  waiting to read your comments.

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