The unending battles of the Android and ios users………….

The unending battles of the Android and ios users………….

The war between the Android and IOS is a lost cause if you ask me. It just cannot stop. But why there’s a huge relevance attached to owning an iPhone is truly baffling. From People’s personal experience’s it seems more of a status quo thing than an actual knowledge of the underlying difference between the workings of both systems.

what do we really understand by Android and iOS by the way? I’ll indulge you a little – An Android is an open-source operating system used for smartphones and tablets computers while the iOS is an operating system used for mobile devices manufactured by Apple Inc. (both the iPod touch and the iPad are iOS devices.)

Technology has not only made life easier for us, but, has made the world we live in a global village. The pleasures of living the good life are too numerous to mention nor ignore from the innovation of the mobile banking, the inverters, the online marketing, the social media apps (Twitters, Instagram, Facebook), the fast running cars, airplanes, trains, and the different ranges of phones.

Smart phones are one of the frenzy’s associated with our growing global village. Everyone wants to or owns a smart phone and are so engrossed with it, that they tend to forget to even have a decent conversation with themselves or loved ones.

Nevertheless, people purchase different smart phones for different reasons be it status quo, the affordability or the features attached to it. It is true that both phones have their individual flavours but the iPhone is a name given by Apple the manufactures. What is the main competitor for Android, is its iOS for one. The iOS system makes it almost difficult for one to hack into especially the ones that come with facial recognition systems. So therefore, it ought to be expensive and of course a social class would automatically be associated with it.

However, even though the manufactures of Android, do not posses the iOS features they at least made the Android phones relatively affordable. Interestingly, Android has more than 24,000 different devices. The best Android phones to be purchased in 2018 are:

Samsung Galaxy s9
Samsung Galaxy s8
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
Infinix Hot s3x
Google Pixel 2
LG V30
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
OnePlus 5
Google Pixel XL
Moto Z2 Force
Essential Phone
HTC U11 Plus LG G6
Infinix zero 5/ Zero 5 Pro
Techno Camon CX Editors choice
Techno Camon CX Air
Techno Spark K9
Techno Camon C9

Although, some Android phones are beginning to imbibe some of the security features of iPhone, and its styling, still iPhone stands out. So, if you cannot afford the iPhone fear not for Android phones have got you covered.

Honestly, in my opinion I don’t know what all the fuss is about with, whose phones is the most expensive, or what social class it renders one into. There are so many true life stories on Joro on Instagram (IG) about individual’s looking down on others who do not own an iPhone and how they possibly cannot be associated with them. it is funny, because people have forgotten that the general characteristics of every phone ever made, is that everyone whether rich or poor can make a call, send a text, take a shot, make a video, connect to the internet, etc.

One owning an expensive phone clearly doesn’t translate to happiness or safety, because the other who is managing ‘the less expensive’ phone is living life to the fullest. I leave you with this, never envy the grass at the other side deeming it greener than yours. You just might be wrong.

On a lighter note, the memes ( An Internet meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media that gains popularity and spreads rapidly via the Internet.) associated with this battle is hilarious. Do enjoy.

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