These Five Agro Products can earn you Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars over a 8 months period!

At a recent birthday party, a friend asked me a series of rapid-fire questions about Investing

“Do you think I should invest in Agriculture?, what type of Agro product is the best to invest in? and if Agriculture is still relevant, then how much can I make from it?”

My friend is not the only one asking these kind of questions.

A lot of investors ponder whether investing in agricultural products should be part of their plan. And in the past one year, we have seen a spike in our Google Analytics where people are arriving from google to articles such as “How Much can I earn From Agricultural Products” and “10 smart ways to earn money from Agro products”.

Truth be told:

Everything you eat, drink, what you wear and even the house you live in, all connect to Agricultural products. Studies shows that the world population will increase from 7.3 billion in 2015, to 9.7 billion in 2050. This proves beyond doubt that the demand for agricultural products will always be on a high side

And the Best part is:

The Government is also implementing a number of schemes to help farmers increase their productivity, expand market participation, improve business enabling environment and most importantly, increase farmers’ access to finance.

Interesting right?

But the big question is:

“What kind of Agro products do I invest in?”

There are tons of agro products that one can invest in. But this largely depends on your Location, skillset and the type of market available around you. So, when you’re considering the best agro products to invest in, you’ll need to answer a few clarifying questions including:

  • How much capital do I have?
  • What kind of season is obtainable in the locality?
  • Is it a full time or part time Investment?
  • Is there need for a prior knowledge or special training that will make me more successful? If yes, how accessible is it

Your answers to this questions is a key ingredient to choosing the kind of Agro products to invest in. But if you are still confused, take a look at this 5 best Agro products to invest in 2018.

Of course, this isn’t a definitive list.

Let’s jump in:

5 best Agro Products to invest in 2018

Fish Farming:

Fish rearing is one of the fastest growing business in Nigeria. The insatiable demand for fishery products like Tilapia, Catfish, and Mackerel (Salmon) in Nigeria has constantly self-promoted the steady growth and expansion of the industry.

These factors, coupled with the current support of institutions, the Nigerian government, and several other African countries to promote agriculture and also support fish farmers, makes the industry one of the most lucrative agricultural business segments to venture into.

And as a result, a good number of people are venturing into the business like never before.

Poultry Farming:

The poultry industry in Nigeria is one of the most successful sectors in agriculture. In a little over 10 years, the Nigerian chicken farm has evolved from fragmented, locally oriented business into a highly efficient profitable venture.

Albeit the steady increase in demand for high quality locally bred poultry and poultry products, local producers do not supply more than a quarter of the local demand.

This means that there is room for more Investment opportunities in this sector. To make it better, the Nigerian government has supported this thriving sector by banning all importation of poultry products.

PIG Farming:

Out of all the livestock farming options available, pig farming is not only profitable but also a lucrative venture that is gaining unbelievable quality in the Nigerian agricultural sector.

It is also one of the most untapped opportunities many Nigerians are probably not looking at. Maybe it’s too common to be viewed locally as a goldmine.

The pig farming business in Nigeria is already up and running. It is a good product and has ready and guaranteed customers. The profit one can obtain from pig farming is actually double of the amount you have put in rearing them.


Ginger is among the healthiest spices in the world. It contains nutrients that are essential to the brain and body. Nigeria is one of the major producers of ginger. It can be found in states like Kaduna, Nasarawa, Benue, Niger and Gombe . With Kaduna being the largest producer.

The Nigerian ginger is highly regarded in the international market for its quality and highly medicinal value, specifically its aroma, high oil and Aleoresin content.

The export market for the Nigerian Ginger include; USA, China, Europe, UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia among other countries..The Ginger business is a very profitable business enterprise if you are thinking of investing in the crop production sector.

Cashew Nuts:

Cashew Nuts production  is one of the fastest growing industries in Nigeria. It’s our leading export earner as of 2017 and one of the star performers of the economy.

Cashews are extremely nutritive as well as comprises of energy, vitamins, and antioxidants which are vital for strong health. These are high in calories, and some fibres which help in the protection of major diseases like cancer.

The processing of cashews devises a lot of benefits and trade gains that can provide investors with lots of profits for the long run.

Indeed with the nation’s focus on non-oil export, this is a goldmine for any investor who may wish  to catch up on the opportunity, now available in the processing and packaging of cashew nuts.

I said Five Right? But you can Mention Agro product in Nigeria without Considering This number Six Product.

Palm Oil Production :

Nigeria is currently one of the  largest exporter of Palm oil in the world. Currently, no African country, except Cote D’Ivoire, produces enough palm oil to meet the demand of its local market.

The Nigerian Palm oil is highly regarded in the international market for its quality and multi-purpose value. It is used for making vegetable oil, soaps, cosmetics E.T.C..

There are a lot of juicy opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money in the growing and successful global palm oil business.

It is true that it usually requires a relatively big start-up capital to set up the plant. But it is a one-time investment and can generate continuous revenue if everything goes well.


The demand for Agro products is growing speedily all over the world and there are so many countries that indulge in producing, processing, consuming and exporting of Agro related products.

So, if you start a small-scale Agro processing business, then it is quite obvious that you will have a very profitable future in this Sector.

But if you are the type that is afraid of taking risks, or don’t have time and manpower to run a farm, You cam simply invest in one of the big farms around.

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