4 Security Flaws of using WhatsApp E-banking and how you can protect yourself against it.

With over 800 million active users of WhatsApp, there’s almost no young adult with an internet enabled phone who isn’t WhatsApp savvy. Recently, WhatsApp seem to be the most opted option of social media instant messaging platform as it provides an array of options like video calls, voice calls and text with little or no charges as long as you have a running subscription. It is no surprise why most of the third generation banks are leveraging on this opportunity to improve Customer Satisfaction – thus the introduction of WhatsApp E – banking.

This new generation E – Banking Focuses on using the instant messaging platform to achieve the basic needs of its customers such as Opening a new account, checking your account balance, Transferring funds, paying bills E.T.C.

Although it’s a superb leap into technology, WhatsApp E-banking are not without risks.  “WhatsApp E – banking is one strung with glaring and Enormous Risks. One that must not be swept under the carpet”.

Picture This:

Imagine you just performed a WhatsApp E – banking transaction. You got a Debit Alert, a cyber-proof of its success.

30 minutes later you get another Debit alert, its double the amount you just transferred. You murmur quietly to yourself:

“It’s a mistake from the bank, sometimes, they act so carelessly. It would surely be reversed.”

Beep – Beep, another debit alert screams at you for attention, it’s triple of the previous amount!!

What the heck!

With a mixture of surprise and fear, you contact your bank customer care. They confirm that the alerts were real, and were performed by you…

Oh my…… How is that even possible! I just did one transaction? How come am I getting a double-Triple alert!

Confused, you strongly insist your account be suspended…. After a few questions, the bank grants you your wish.

At that point, it dawns on you “I have just been Cyber-robbed”.

One part of your mind, furiously, and angrily blames the bankers for not enumerating the risks associated with banking using WhatsApp E – banking. Maybe, you could had been more careful

Another part criticizes your carelessness and ignorance. How could I have been so gullible!… why did I fall so cheaply for this

At the end, it turns out…….. We knew there was a risk, but we decided to sweep it under the carpet

News Flash:

There are a zillion tutorials out there on tested and trusted ways of hacking the WhatsApp Api. They even offer you consultancy just in case you experience some difficulties while performing them.

This proves the need for us to apply caution on how we use the WhatsApp E – banking Interface. A simple mistake might just be the end of your hard-earned and well-deserved riches.

Today, am going to expose some ways by which you can be hacked, and how to protect yourself against it. This article is for information purposes only.

Are you ready? Then let’s do this….


Hacking using WhatsApp Web:

WhatsApp was once limited to just smartphones. But with the increased appetite of it’s over populated users, it decided to expand its messaging platform to support other devices like the computer.

They invented the WhatsApp web, a computer based extension of the WhatsApp account on your phone. The messages you send and receive are fully synced between your phone and your computer, and you can see it on both devices.

All you need is your WhatsApp QR code. To learn more about how it works, click here


Think about this for a moment

What if I had a way to…..

  • Access your WhatsApp QR Code.
  • Install a keylogger on your device
  • scan the QR code using any of these WhatsApp web Emulators,
  • Get your pin from the preinstalled keylogger

Theoretically if am successful with the above, I own your account, and the cool part!! I can now fulfil some of my shopping fantasies.

Hacking using WhatsApp Spy Tools

There are numerous WhatsApp hack tools out there, and at least one in every 5 are simply too good at what they can do as Spy Apps.

With these spy Apps, you can easily perform the following functions:

  • Monitor Calls
  • Read emails and messaging
  • Get Passwords
  • Control Apps
  • Lock or wipe out any devices

One major characteristic I fancy most about them is their stealth mode capabilities.

The Hack.

All I have to do is get it downloaded and installed in your phone either by

  • Having an access to your phone for five minutes
  • Sending you an email with the link of the spyware
  • Through text messaging.

The rest becomes history.

Hacking WhatsApp Via MAC Spoofing

A Mac Address (Media Access Control Address) is a hardware identification number that uniquely identifies each device on a network.

Every networkable device has a mac address which uniquely identifies it with in a network. The WhatsApp uses the mac address to make sure you cannot be signed up on two devices at the same time. To learn more about mac Addresses click here.


If you want to access the WhatsApp account of your friend, all you need to do is find out the mac address. The full hack process can be gotten from here.

What this hack does is that it tricks the network into thinking that your phone is the same as that of your victims.

Now, I leave you to imagine the possibilities of such a thinking to your bank accounts…

Wait There is more

This article covers only the most basic methods of hacking WhatsApp, There are other complex and more effective ways out there which spammers exploit to gain access to your phone.

But The Good news is:

You can be protected

Here are the 10 commandments of preventing Hacking of WhatsApp. Follow it thoroughly if you want your wealth to remain attached to your name.

  • Use third party apps that helps you lock your WhatsApp with a Password or a Pin
  • Restrict access to your phone by using a Phone Lock
  • Lock your sim
  • Watch out for scams and spam messages
  • Deactivate your WhatsApp if you ever lose your phone
  • Remember to always logout of your WhatsApp Web.
  • Erase your messaging after each transaction
  • Block Installation from unknown Sources
  • Do not use WhatsApp on Less known Wifi
  • Use the New Two Step Verification Process

Lastly before I Hit Publish:

If it feels like this article just scratches over the surface of the subject on Risks Associated with WhatsApp E – Banking, you’d be right.

It’s a huge topic.

This has been a quick look from 30,000 feet.

But if it has piqued your interest, and you know of any other way of hacking the whatsapp Api, please drop your comments below.

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