WhatsApp Business in Nigeria

WhatsApp Business in Nigeria, India, South Africa, and Kenya

Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp years ago was initially greeted with worries as to why the Social media giant spent so much for just a messaging app. However, their decision then is now seen as a wise investment. The CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced that WhatsApp now has 1,5 billion users compared to the millions of users the messaging platform had when it was first acquired. Messaging is a critical part of what billions of people do with their mobile phones. And in 2017, Facebook made moves to monetize WhatsApp with the launch of WhatsApp Business. Now, in the first month of 2018, Facebook announced that the app was available in a few more countries and users can get their new WhatsApp Business in Nigeria, South-Africa, India, and Kenya.

WhatsApp had been making serious moves to monetize the app by charging Large businesses in different countries for tools they can use to communicate with their customers. WhatsApp will also be offering a free app to small and medium-sized businesses as well. The enterprise solution provided by the app will allow companies to provide their customers with important notifications like delivery confirmation, flight times, and other updates.

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What to expect from WhatsApp Business in Nigeria

WhatsApp has announced that there won’t be any significant change for regular WhatsApp users. People can continue using their apps as though nothing changed. They’ll have full control of the messages they get with the ability to block anyone.

  • Profile Setup and Chat Migration

    With the new WhatsApp Business, users will be able to set up their company profile with details like location, contact, and website. You have to set these things to ensure your WhatsApp Business account is as official as it can get. By setting a few things in order, you can show customers that your WhatsApp account is a business account.

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  • Chat Migration

    If you want to, you can transfer your chats and conversations from your regular WhatsApp to the WhatsApp Business. If you choose not to migrate your chats, you’ll have to use a different number. Users cannot use the same number for two WhatsApp applications.

  • Auto Replies

    The new app will also come with intelligent features like auto-replies and other automatic messages business owners can set to be sent when they are unavailable to respond to customers. Default messages can be set for specific responses before you take charge of the conversation yourself.

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  • Business Statistics features

    The business users will be able to analyze their user base through statistical features embedded in the application.  You can check your message stats and replies stats. These and other interactions will give you a complete picture of how your business is performing. These and other interactions will give you a complete picture of how your business is performing.

To download WhatsApp Business for Android, use this link.


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