Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Football Fans

Yes! Its February, the month of love! and I’m sure we all know what February 14 is.. Valentines day, the day we get to meet with our loved ones and spread the love!

Everybody have to loosen up their wallets. But don’t worry, We guys aren’t gonna be the only ones giving and spending money, the ladies are gonna get us gifts too. And that is why i have composed this write up listing ten good gifts to get your friends who loves football in this seasons Valentin’s day!

now, I know the popular gifts most girls know is watch… Watch is good, but there are other things you can get your love ones apart from wristwatch! Personally, i find the trend past and outdated! So lets get listing!

1. Cooking for him

Yes! You can prepare your guy’s favorite meal and give him as a gift! Make it special, and he will love you more for it and appreciate it.

2. Viewing Center

Take him to a nice and cool viewing center to go and watch the game of football. With you around he will never forget that moment.

3. A Sports Jersey 

This is very important to any sports loving fan, getting your love one the latest club jersey, will make him or her to love you more and cherish the Jersey so much, that he or she will never forget in a moment.

4. Perfume / Cologne

looking for a lovely gift for him? Buy a perfume that smells so good and he will love it. Just get a nice, lovely and not too expensive cologne.

5. Pair of shoes/snickers

guys love it when their girlfriends get them shoes!

6. Singlets or Undies

It sounds cliche and somewhat weird and funny at the same time, but its a great gift for those who don’t wanna spend

7. Music player or cool headphones

Is your man or woman a music lover? Well, i know just the perfect gift to give him or her! Get a music player or headphones with his favorite football team songs recorded in them!

8. Get him that thing he has always wanted

Now this is for girls who are ready to spend and have the money. Even if its a car, house or anything that is customized, your man will be so happy and lucky!

9. Handbag

While a handbag is one necessity that a girl needs, most girls find it difficult to buy one. So a handbag for a gift is definitely a good idea.

10. Games

Is your boyfriend a fan of games like the Play Stations. Get it for him, although is expensive, but you can get it for him, only if you can afford it.

That is all i got ladies and Gentlemen ! You can add more to the list.

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