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Valentine’s day: Things to do within your budget

We all know that Valentine’s day is around the corner and some people already have their hearts racing. Hopefully it’s because of the joy and happiness Valentine’s day brings but we all know that’s not true. Not everyone is too excited about that day. In fact, some people are scared, really scared, ready-to-skip-town scared and already having panic attacks all because of Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day is that one special day that could literally drill a hole through your bank account. Just thinking about it could give you nightmares, let alone attempting to fill that hole. I know 7 ways you could have a lovely, romantic Valentine’s day celebration without breaking your pocket. So, get ready because Valentine’s day is about to rock.

1. Indoor Movie Night

Maybe you haven’t planned for Valentine or you’re really low on cash. You can do movie night with almost anything you have. Get a good movie, popcorn, pizza and maybe even a bottle of wine. Spice it up a little and enjoy a good movie.

2. Valentine’s Chef

If that special person in your life loves to eat home cooked meals, go out of your way and prepare a three course meal for lunch or dinner. If you can, spice it up with candle light and sweet music. It’ll most likely have a light effect on your account and it’ll be totally worth it.

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3. Photo Albums

Say you both love pictures and you already have some good memories frozen in time. Try getting those pictures printed and made into a photo book/album. If you can’t afford this, you can still create a soft copy album. There are many photo apps out there that can get this done for free.

4. DIY’s

My personal favorite. Most times the gift isn’t just in the outcome of the hard work. It’s in the hard work itself, the time and care taken to craft something special. If you don’t know how to or what to make, here‘s a link to something you can try. Just don’t make anything crappy. It’ll ruin the fun.

5. Sugar Treats

Buying sweet something for someone with sweet tooth would put a smile on that face. Going out of your way to make it, could earn you a get-out-of-jail card. There are lots of things you could try. From cakes, cookies, muffins, cake pops and tarts to hot chocolate and ice cream. The list goes on and on.Cake Pops, Candies and Chocolate

6. Game Time

In a case where you’re both game lovers, be it cards, video games, outdoor games or board games. You already have your valentine problem solved. You don’t even need to stress on this one. Pick out a game you both love and play till your hearts’ content.

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7. Shop Online

Picking the right gift for Valentine’s day could be somewhat tedious and financially disturbing. Online stores have already fixed that problem. This year, online stores are offering outrageous discounts on Valentine worthy gifts. So shop online with zero headaches and a smile. This should be the icing on the cake.

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With all these, you have no excuse to ditch Valentine’s day. So, if you haven’t started making plans, start now. You’ve got two days till Valentine’s day. Good luck.!

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