How Bad is Too Much Salt on Your Overall Health

Salt is more than just a what adds a sweet taste to the food you cook and eat. It has important elements that help your body to function properly. Sodium – one of the key ingredients –  regulates the blood pressure and flow. It also helps the body to transmit messages between the muscles and nerves. Chloride – another ingredient in salt – helps digestions. The foods you eat regularly need to have salt in them to keep you healthy. But much like every good thing and everything good for your body, too much salt can be bad for you. You probably already know this. : Unusual, but helpful health tips

too much salt

Restaurants add salt to their foods to make them sweeter, and processed foods are made with a high amount of salt. As a result, many people consume many high-sodium diets and foods (sometimes without being aware of it), The unhealthy high-sodium diet will often have a drastic negative effect on their health.

Consuming excess sodium in your diet will force your body to hold extra water. This is because the kidney which does a lot of filtering of waste from the blood has to maintain a special ratio of electrolytes like potassium to sodium to the water. : Benefits of using telecommuting for work

What happens when you have too much salt in your diet

Having more salt in your diet means your kidneys will have to keep more water in your body. Retaining so much water is bad for the body and bringing undesirable effects like edema (swelling in the arms and feet). In addition, having more fluid in the body means more blood being transported through the veins and arteries, and this could lead to high blood pressure with time. You wouldn’t want that for yourself.

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