February 14: Champions League VS Valentine’s Day

Football or soccer as it is called in some other climes is a sport with huge followership which cuts across all strata of the society.

In Nigeria, it is a unifying factor where warring groups or tribes sheath their swords for 90 minutes or at least 120 minutes before renewing hostility once again.

Football has so much impact and influence on a die-hard follower as well on the players themselves. Stories abound of individuals stabbing themselves to death over Manchester United vs Arsenal match or Real Madrid vs Barcelona match. This shows the extent at which football is ‘loved’.

Money is made and lost in football in all various forms. Happiness is sacrificed in place of heartbreaks from teams who consistently under perform. Arsenal fans are used to that already while Chelsea and Real Madrid fans are learning how to adapt to the situations. That’s sad!!!

Unfortunately, this year’s UEFA Champions League 2nd round will be played on the 14th of February which happens to be the day Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Interestingly, the matches to be played are between the very top and most popular clubs on earth – Real Madrid vs PSG and Chelsea vs Barcelona. These are matches that can’t be missed just like that.

On this day, there are two contrasting situations that could mar or unite some relationships. There is a complete dilemma for the men on who to choose – UEFA Champions League or a night out with their girlfriends, wives as the case may be.

It is even so confusing for a guy who probably must have invested time and energy and resources to woo a lady and the Vals’ Day would have been the perfect day for him to show that he cares but then top-rated football matches await him that night. What does he do?

If your woman is a sports lover just like the man, the night will be so perfect but if it is the other way round, that is where the confusion comes in. A real confusion that will involve a lot of talking, convincing on the part of the man. Good luck to him though!!!

One female twitter user rightly said that the day belongs to men and advised women to forget spending the day with their men at least from 8:45 pm – 10:30 pm. February 14, 2018, falls on a Wednesday and it is a working day. Most men would be in their various offices and there is no way they can go on a date until its night and the night here is UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FOOTBALL NIGHT.

My humble self believes the thrills, mind-blowing skills, the anger at missed goal scoring opportunities, the shouts in a football match etc are better experienced than being told meanwhile, Valentines’ Day dates can be rescheduled till the weekend which will in fact will be devoid of noise, distractions and it will be great. On a lighter note, less babies will be born in November.

And this calls for an answer. To all the Madrid, PSG, Chelsea, Barcelona male fans, who do you choose on this day? Champions League football or a date with your lover?

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