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Common Food Allergies To Take Note Of

Ever suffered from an annoying discomfort after ingesting something? I mean allergies. If yes, then I’m sure you’ll like to avoid it as much as possible. Some of us know how bad it can be, whereas others may never suffer from it. Allergies are known to cause major and minor discomforts. Worse, you could end up spending a lovely time at the hospital. Today, I’ll draw your attention to some of the most common food allergies that exist. As they are prone to ruin your day or week.


These little ones are mostly eaten raw. They could provide you with a lot of energy, can be very nutritious and can also be major troublemakers. The allergies caused by these ones are on a large-scale and very common with little children with the exception of pine nuts and pinon nuts. In fact, children below 12 months, should not be given nuts.


These guys roam the earth like they own it. They’re basically used in almost every product. From pasta, flakes, and cereals to several varieties of flours and more. They are highly consumed in one way or the other. You see, the allergies caused by grains are due to the presence of gluten in most of them except rice and corn. And they are known to aggravate skin allergies in children.



In as much as there are lots of mushrooms that can lead you to the afterlife, the edible ones aren’t all that safe. In fact, some of its allergies could even offer you a welcoming bed at the hospital. Other than that, some of them would only trigger certain facial allergies (itchy eyes, nose, coughing, sneezing, etc.) or even digestive allergies (stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, etc.). So, when trying these guys or new species, use 48 hours to monitor your system for allergies.

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Sweet, right? These guys aren’t all that sweet for everyone. Don’t get me wrong. I know that they are widely therapeutic, highly nutritious and so sweet but the day you take honey and go into anaphylactic shock, that day you’ll forget all its amazing benefits. Some people’s allergic reaction to honey could be as severe as the anaphylactic shock whereas others would just suffer mild digestive disorders. Hey, I didn’t say stop taking honey. Just ensure you’re not allergic to it first.


Cow Milk

Almost everybody loves this one. Its products are used by billions of people across the globe. Here’s the scary part. It could cause, vomiting, diarrhea, skin eruption, eczema (atopic dermatitis) and asthma. Calm down, it doesn’t affect everyone. It’s just for the few special ones who are allergic to the whey proteins and casein in cow milk.


These underwater pros are widely known to cause allergies. Actually, you can’t blame them for the proteins they contain and sometimes the presence of histamine formed during decay. So if you’re like me, do well to tread carefully with these water lovers.

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These tough ones are known to be one of the most common causes of food allergies. Their appearance in meals can seem irresistible and appetizing, especially squids, and shrimps. But when they hit you up with urticaria, asthma, rhinitis or other respiration allergies, you just might not want to try them again. Next time you want to try these, just make sure they don’t perform extracurricular activities after death.

Well, now you know. Allergies don’t happen every day and not to everyone but it never hurts to be careful. So get tested to know what you’re allergic to and thank me later.

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