We all need some good good loving (added with those statement accessories)

Accessories have a unique of beautifying an outift – that’s if worn right plus you really don’t want to be found in the fashion police cell all because of some confused dressup style.

One thing that’s so loving about accessories is the way they easily fit into any style. You have an out-of-vogue shirt but still want to slay on it, just accessorise it and you’ll be amazed at the result.

Thank God it’s Friyay and basking in the euphoria of the Valentine’s season here are some accessories to empower your slay effect at that evening party/dinner or get together.

The Clutch Bag


This never-go-out-of fashion accessory puts class on any outfit. A dress, a casual wear and even on a corporate outfit; it’s an easy to use favourite!

Collar Stays


Also known as “Collar Tabs” or “Collar Stiffeners” are gradually making fashion statements. These are flat, rigid pieces of metal or plastic inserted in special pockets on the shirys collars with the purpose of adding crispness to a light piece of fabric. Now you see those shirts that stand tall like an iroko tree, possibility is that there’s a sewn or removable collar stay to boost the morale of that shirt. So guys, what are you waiting for?



These are one of fashion’s oldest accessories and in this season of love and sun; you’ll sure want to spice up that love attire with a hat to add style and help to prevent a sun burn.

Bow Ties


Try something different, use a bow tie! Worried about the heat? Slay first and leave that worry behind. With different twists to bow ties these season you dont want to left out not rocking them. These days bow ties come in different fabrics: asooke, ankara etc; so pop up with a bow tie!


Brooch pins are always add sparkle to any outfit. It’s a fashion accessory that can be styled in different ways, whether on the hat or on a scarf, it goes stylishly well. It gives a plain fabric that extra bling and beauty. It’s perfect for this Valentine trend.


There are amazing accessories you can try out this season. Most importantly, step out of your “fashion comfort zone”. If you’ve been using a particular accessory for so long, engage something new for a fresh look……

And yes, don’t forget to SLAY!

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