6 Rules On How To Spend 2018 Valentine's Day

6 Rules On How To Spend 2018 Valentine’s Day

I know we are tired of rules buts face it we need some to ensure we do not go cray cray. Its Valentines day and this year is a full package. It’s ash Wednesday. The football frenzy peeps and also the lovers all have a full schedule. While everyone might be celebrating this season of love. We have a list of things you should not do on valentines day,


  1. Do not propose on Valentines day

No I am not a sadist but I think Valentine day proposal is too cliche and has lost some of its appeal. Last year at spar about 4 proposals went down within few hours. If you must do so make sure you have done the extra mile to make it special.


2. Do not wear red

Are you not tired of the color code? Red is the color of Valentine and most organizations might dress with the touch of red. But some people are always so in tune with the season that they wear red all through and look like masquerades. SO it is always best to steer off red.

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3. Do not make people feel bad for celebrating love with their partners. We know the love of Valentine should be shared with all irrespective of any romantic inclination. But if they decide to do so let them be. If you feel going to the orphanage is best then do what suits you.


4. Do not frown/be stingy

Love is for all. Do not let any sort of negativity alter the mood of the day or your countenance. Share the love and do not be stingy with your smiles or your gifts.

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5. Make it about Bae

If bae is a football lover. Do not be stingy. You can make this Valentine all about him. Get you guys a matching jersey. Subscribe so you watch the match together. Make or buy some chops and his favorite kind of drink. For once you can pretend to actually be interested in the game and have fun with him.


6. Do not throw your self a pity party

Do not sulk because you are spending valentine’s day alone. If you must you can take yourself out. Buy drinks and sleep off your highness. But do not cry and think about misery.


Ensure you are happy all day long. And remember if you are going on date on the 15th then you are probably the side chick or dude.

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