5 Reasons Why We are Excited About MTV Shuga 6

5 Reasons Why We are Excited About MTV Shuga 6

After the successful airing of the season 5 of popular tv series MTV Shuga. We were excited to hear was back to Nigeria we would be getting double series.

MTV Shuga is a series that focuses on the intricacies of growing up as a teenager, sexual relationships, HIV, other sexually transmitted infections etc.

Watch First Episode Of MTV Shuga Season 5 ; Down South

5 Reasons Why We are Excited About MTV Shuga 6

  1. MTV Shuga Naija has three of Nigeria’s best movie directors working on the production: renowned film and casting director, Tope Oshin-Ogun; short films director, Tolulope Ajayi; and film director and screenwriter, Ishaya Bako.
  2. Jemima Osunde. It is no news that 2018 might just be the break Jemima needs to break even. We all love her innocent yet fierce attitude.
  3.  Weki the character played by Olumide Oworu was born with HIV and many people still do not imagine how a positive person can live a normal life. Weki is our eyes into that perspective.
  4. Hehehe! we are happy because after season 6 comes a season 7.
  5.  The new faces would definitely be a breath of fresh air. We are definitely looking out for new star Uzoamaka Aniunoh

This season is going to show the diversity of Nigerians, the spirit of the people, and the genuine stories of an average Nigerian.

MTV Shuga 6- NothingStaysTheSame

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