3 Jewelry Pieces That Look Sexy On Men

3 Jewelry Pieces That Look Sexy On Men

Some people think pieces of jewelry are just for the feminine gender. What they do not know rather is that certain jewelry makes men look sexy.  jewelry can add some subtle, yet unique flair to an outfit.

3 Jewelry Pieces That Look Sexy On Men




Bracelets always leave an impression on the wrists of men. But some people do it excessively by wearing more than one on a wrist. Less is beautiful in this case. Another important rule is to match your bracelet with your watch, whether it be matching metals or same tone of colors. This helps it from looking out of place. Masculine bracelets are different from the feminine bracelets. Always have this in mind while shopping. If you prefer the feminine bracelet then fine, The key is to be comfortable in and with whatever you are wearing.

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Watches are always a turn on for both ladies and gents. Be it leather, digital, smart or the regular wristwatch.The watch on your wrist always unconsciously stands as a status symbol. Wristwatches give the wearer an aura of confidence. So invest in getting a good wristwatch.

PS; make sure it is always working. Investing also means taking care of it.

3 Jewelry Pieces That Look Sexy On Men


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Like necklaces, rings can come off a little feminine. But then remember how sexy men are wearing their wedding bands? It is similar to unmarried men wearing rings. It is advisable to stick to wearing one ring on a hand. Wearing rings on the thumb is difficult to pull off. Avoid it unless you are absolutely sure your outfit is a match for it.

Most men prefer the signet ring to any other.


3 Jewelry Pieces That Look Sexy On Men

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