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Why You Should Binge Watch Rumor Has It This Weekend

Have you heard of the Ndani TV web series, Rumor Has It ?

If you haven’t, you’re definitely missing out.

The web series tells the story of Celebrity Vlogger, Obi Obi (played by Uru Eke). Obi is at the top of her game, known as the Queen of internet gossip, and has made a living for herself off spreading rumors about celebrities. Obi becomes the subject of a massive scandal, setting off a series of events that disrupts her life as she knows it.

Sounds a little bit like Linda Ikeji’s diary abi? You’ll find out.

Or you may ask; Is this a Nigerian version of Gossip Girl? No, it isn’t. In fact, these people let us know right off the pilot episode that they aren’t here to play no games.

Take a look at episode 1 of Rumor has it as a quick teaser;



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