The security and privacy of the content you post on your Twitter account and on the internet are in your hands. Many people spend a great deal of time on social media platforms without worrying much about being hacked or having their accounts compromised. There are predefined measures users can take to ensure the security of their accounts. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been providing additional security for users to keep out intruders and hackers.

Twitter security and privacy settings are there to make it difficult for an unauthorized person to access your account. you can do this by enabling login verifications.

Two-factor-authentication has been added to Twitter and Facebook to improve account security by making users verify their identity before they can log in to their accounts. For a long time, Twitter’s two-factor-authentication has always required text message (SMS) verification, even if as a backup. That works well for mobile phones without hitches, but, what about someone who uses tablets or a desktop? or what if you are traveling where you’d rather not get an SMS?

twitter account settings

If you don’t already know about the security measures Twitter allows you to set up for your account like SMS verification for mobile, you can read about it on their account and security tips.

However, if you already have the mobile verification set up, Twitter has recently added support for sign-in verification through third-party apps. Although you will need to set it up with your mobile phone number, software like Google can fill in after that and there will be no SMS fall back. Setting it up is pretty straightforward. The most important step is scanning a code to produce the verification you require to access your account.

Twitter login verification

These processes are not mandatory or entirely necessary for a lot of people. But if you regularly have to sign in and out from different devices or different accounts, it’s a helpful step to take. You can go full blown security conscious with what you set up for your privacy. But, you can choose to go for the mobile SMS verification if you want.

Your Facebook account can’t be hacked if you take these steps.


Relying on the two-factor authentication alone for security is not enough since you have to be careful yourself. Below are some of the things you can do to improve the state of your Twitter account security.

  1. Create and use a strong password. Never underestimate the power of password strengths and uniqueness.
  2. Look out for apps that have access to your Twitter account.
  3. Use login verification. As discussed above. They add an extra layer of validation before access into your account.
  4. Use VPN to hide your IP address if you have to.
  5. Don’t post confidential or personal information and don’t reveal your location.
  6. Keep your vulnerable apps updated.
  7. Practice secure browsing habits.
  8. Don’t forget to log out when necessary.

It will be reckless to think for a moment that your Twitter account is 100% safe and secure. No technology beats being consciously involved in protecting your online identity and information.