Top Nigerian TV Series You Need To Keep Up With

This is a list of the most popular Nigerian tv series. Some on this list have ended while some are still airing but that’s not the case here, the reason we are featuring this is for Nigerians who still believe Nollywood movies are poor, trust us the tv shows seem to be better you should check some out. You can find most of them irokotv and youtube.

1. Skinny Girl In Transit (Ndani TV)

In its third season, this show circles around the life of Tiwa, a plus-size on air personality who tries to juggle her work, love life, weight loss and pressures from her mother to get married.

2. Jenifa’s Diary

Funke Akindele has successfully transitioned her 2008 Yoruba movie into a series that everyone enjoys. Yes even you ajebutters. Her character has been joined by a bunch of other hilarious acts as he navigates her way through city life using her infamous atrocious grammar.

3. Tinsel

Yes, Tinsel still airs. The show has been described as the most successful television drama on Nigerian television in recent times and has featured the biggest actors in the industry revolving around the the business side of movie making, it give some insight to what goes on in the Nigerian corporate world.

4. The Johnsons

The ‘Tom and Jerry’ adventures of this Nigerian family are guaranteed to keep you rolling on the floor. As you can guess by the inclusion of Chinedu Ikezie (Aki), it’s pure comedy.

5. Husbands of Lagos

No prizes for guessing that this is a spoof of the American series Real Husbands of Hollywood, done with Nigerian celebrity men. It features a host of actors and regular guys who work through various issues with their significant others.

6. Rumour Has It

It is based loosely on the life of a celebrity gossip vlogger whose life is the direct opposite of the gist he dishes out. The stark similarity to the actual lives of certain people in real life makes it a must watch. *Cough* *cough*

7. This Is It

Oh don’t we just love young love? This is it follows the life of Dede and Tomide, a young clueless newlywed couple. We get to see how they adjust to living together, dealing with friends who can’t respect marital boundaries, how they handle jealousy and enough drama with a dash of humour.

8. Before 30

The plot springs from the lives of four young and urbane career women based in Lagos who have chosen the upwardly mobile life while having to deal with the demands of settling down before they all turn 30 years old.

9. Gidi Up

Gidi Up shadows the life of four young men and women (Obi, Tokunbo, Eki and Yvonne) who are pursuing success and independence in the city of Lagos, revealing the challenges they are faced in the quest to achieve their dreams.

[/b]10. Hotel Majestic (Africa Magic)

Hotel Majestic is a Nigerian telenova drama series, starring Ivie Okujaye, Sadiq Daba, Oge Okoye and Bukky Ajayi. It debut on Africa Magic on January 5, 2015. The series revolves around the quest to control an ancient family hotel and the consequences that follows with it. The final episode was shown in January 2016, with an event at InterContinental Hotel featuring special performances from Harrysong and YCEE amongst others.


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