The Official Dress Code For Black Panther Viewing

The Official Dress Code For Black Panther Viewing

Both comic and non-comic fans are waiting patiently or not for Black Panther. Every grandiose event must be celebrated with style.

The premiere of the Black Panther was a delight to all as black people who came for the screening all wore royal attires to represent the culture. Wakanda might be fictional but it is a step at acknowledging Africa is so much more. Lupita Nyong’o led the pack with a fiery purple dress.

While our very own David Oyewole decided to embarrass us by shopping on aliexpress for a mismatched attire.


Never minding that gross misrepresentation, we are determined to make things right in our cinemas. Fear not about entertainments. There shall be praise singers at every cinema. Ice cream, popcorn and soda has been abolished. We shall see the likes of Palm wine, amala, eba, jollof rice ukwa etc.

The Official Dress Code For Black Panther Viewing

Now to the dress code. Please everyone going to see Blank Panther must represent Nigeria and Africa.

Why We Should All Wear Ankara To See Black Panther


From the results gotten from a widely conducted poll it has been decided that our attire must reflect our culture. You are free to choose from the varieties we have and style it to what personally defines you. The colours and intricacies of our fabric and food would only heighten the effect of the movie.


Be it ankara, lace, aso-oke, kente, rafia. Whatever you have, slay to kill. Just avoid the type of David’s embarrassment. Thank you.






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