Sure Free Betting Predictions and Football Betting Do’s and Don’ts


Date League Match Tip
14:00 ISR 2 Hapoel Katamon vs M. Herzliya 1X
20:00 FRA L2 GFC Ajaccio vs Bourg Peronnas 1X
20:55 FA CUP Yeovil vs Manchester United OVER 2.5
15:00 ALG USM Blida vs Saoura X2
18:00 TUR Besiktas vs Kasimpasa OVER 1.5(HOME)
20:45 N.IRE Glenavon vs Warrenpoint 1
20:00 HOL 2 Nijmegen vs Den Bosch OVER 1.5(HOME)
27/01 FA CUP Liverpool vs West Brom OVER 2.5
27/01 FA CUP Newport County vs Tottenham OVER 1.5(HOME)
27/01 FA CUP Peterborough vs Leicester AWAY TO SCORE
27/01 FA CUP Notts County vs Swansea 2
27/01 SOU Celtic vs Hibernian G.G
27/01 SPL Valencia vs Real Madrid G.G
27/01 SPL Villarreal vs Real Sociedad 2
27/01 GBL Bayern Munich vs TSG Hoffenheim OVER 1.5
27/01 GBL Borussia Dortmund vs SC Freiburg G.G
27/01 GBL Stuttgart vs Schalke DNB
27/01 GBL RB Leipzig vs Hamburg 1 OVER 1.5
27/01 ISA Chievo vs Juventus AWAY TO SCORE
27/01 FL PSG v Montpellier 1 OVER 2.5
27/01 FL Metz v Nice G.G
27/01 HE Twente vs PSV OVER 2.5
28/01 FA CUP Chelsea vs Newcastle 1
28/01 FA CUP Cardiff vs Manchester City 2 OVER 2.5
28/01 SPL Atletico Madrid vs Las Palmas 1X
28/01 SPL Sevilla vs Getafe OVER 1.5
28/01 SPL Barcelona vs Alaves 1UNDER 4.5
28/01 GBL Bayer Leverkusen vs Mainz 05 G.G
28/01 FL Marseille vs Monaco G.G
28/01 FL Bordeaux vs Lyon  2
28/01 HE Utrecht vs Ajax X2
28/01 HE Feyenoord vs ADO Den Haag 1X

Caution: +18


When it comes to betting, just as in life, there are certain do’s and don’ts that you should adhere to. These aren’t necessarily going to be gospel when it comes to betting on football, but they should give you some idea of what to do and almost more importantly, what not to do.


It’s the same as anything in life; you should always be looking to improve when in the betting industry.

At no point will you ever say you have this cracked, because you won’t. Unless you are sat on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere with multiple millions in the bank from betting, then, maybe you might have cracked it!

There are so many ways in which you can improve when it comes to betting, with the easiest probably being in the way you research your bets. Whether you can afford to invest hours or minutes into your research, there will likely be a way in which you can make it more efficient or simply get the most out of your time.

You may look to improve your bankroll management or even limit/increase the frequency in which you bet. You may move into new markets, learn these and try something different or you may decide to try a new sport altogether. Either way, there is always something you can do to get better. Nobody is perfect and nobody will win all the time, but you can certainly do all you can to be the best you can, and that’s what it’s all about.


When starting out it’s very easy to follow the countless amounts of online tipsters and blogs that are promoting sports betting tips for your bets. But we would like to just make you tread with caution as a lot of them spend no time in research and just merely promote them to provide (worthless) content for their site.

We do actually like the idea of going and seeing which markets other people are betting on. The only difference is that we take these tips and then go and perform our own research on these picks to see if they stack up.

There are generally no right or wrong answers when it comes to using other peoples tips and if they have explained their tips and backed them up with some sort of analytical data, then by all means use them as you wish.

If the site just has something like ‘Manchester United to win at 1.80’ then we would immediately be wary and at least doing our own research before making the bet.


For the majority of us, betting is always going to be a hobby or recreational activity that we take part in. There is no need for us to rely on an income from betting, so why should we worry about whether we win or lose.

The thrill should be in the chase and seeing if your hard work will pay off. The majority of the time we will lose (not saying that we won’t still make profit though!!), that’s just fact and it’s for this reason that we need to remember to enjoy the good times as they might not be along as often as we would hope.

Another thing we recommend doing is if you manage to win a sizeable chunk of change, to go out and buy something tangible with it. You’ve invested your money by backing your ability to pick a winning bet and by having something that you can actually grab onto will always be a reminder of this paying off.

It’s easy to leave money in your betting account, but then it’s just numbers staring back at you on the screen. It you then go and buy that 50″ plasma TV you’ve always wanted, then you could watch it every day knowing you essentially got that for free!


This kind of ties into the two above points quite nicely in that you should never chase your loses. It can be frustrating to lose a bet and then have that money that you were virtually counting in your head to be taken away by a last minute equalizer

It’s very easy to just go and bet on another game to try and win back that money you thought you’d already won. Heck, the amount of games that some of the bigger bookmakers offer means we can literally bet around the clock on a range of leagues.

With betting it’s so important to just say enough is enough and remember that there is always another day in the betting industry. It’s all well and good losing what you set out to do, and whilst no one likes losing, you can be at peace and not let it worry you. But when you have gone out and lost three or four times more than you had set out, that’s when it becomes a really bad, dark day.

It probably comes down to just betting for the sake of having a bet more than anything. You’re already down for the day and you want to get back to even, we get that. But you’d be so much better leaving it until another day, coming back with a fresh head and starting to claw that money back by making, good, sensible and profitable decisions.

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  1. Kachi says:

    Nice one EME…Up Barça

  2. Sam says:

    I hope Madrid will not cast ds ticket

  3. Ifybongo says:

    Man u winning with over 2.5…

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