Lassa fever

Essential Steps To Take To Prevent Lassa Fever Infection

With the recent outbreak of Lassa Fever, causing the death of about 5 people and hospitalisation of a couple of others, panic has begun to spread across the country.

We have put together a list of preventive measures for you to take in other to avoid being infected by the deadly virus.

  1. Keep rats out of the house and food supplies.

  2. Ensure all foods are well cooked before eating.

  3. Keep your home clean and maintain personal hygiene.

  4. Dispose all refuse far away from your home.

  5. Avoid bodily fluid and blood contact while caring for a sick person.

  6. Ensure all foodstuffs are put in rodent-proof containers.

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Public places are almost unavoidable, from entering public buses to churches, schools etc. Because you cannot tell who is virus free and who is not, it is necessary you to take safety measures.

  1. Avoid body contacts with sweaty people.

  2. Avoid roadside foods, unless you are sure the food was properly cooked.

  3. Wash and sanitize your hands always.

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