A Few Ways You Stop Yourself From Being Productive

People want to be productive. They want to see positive results from the work they do and from the time they spend on different things. However, how they spend their time is critical to their overall productivity. Productivity is about achieving your goals. A goal can be anything ranging from maximising profits at your business or spending the time to pursue personal interests. Some people want to leave their offices to spend time with family. Others just want to learn something new.

Irrespective of your pursuits, being the most productive version of yourself means

  • Thinking about what you aspire to get done.
  • Finding out what you could do well if you have an enabling environment to do it.
  • Following through on making your environment suitable for achieving your goals and completing tasks.

But for most people, following through is the problem they usually encounter. Below are some ways tech enthusiasts sabotage their productivity.


Hopping From One Productive App to Another

If you love technology and all the sweet perks it carries, you probably love apps as well. You’re always downloading the latest app update and a new tool to use to make your work easier or quicker. You’re proud of the fact that among all your friends, you are one of the first new users of a cool app. But, you are sabotaging yourself if you keep hopping from one app to another. Hoping will give you less time to do anything of significance. The productivity apps you download to help you become more efficient include to-do lists, file synchronization apps, note taking applications, calendars, and communication apps.

When you move from one app to another, you spend an invest time learning and migrating. The time you spend doing that can be spent doing something more meaningful. So, get rid of the abundance of apps you have and stick to just a few that leave you fewer reminders so you can focus on what you are doing per time.


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Falling Into the Email Black Hole

Depending on the app you use a lot, you can easily get sucked into an app for hours every day. For some people, responding to emails take up more time than they can afford to be unproductive. Well, just how terrible is the email situation for you? Do you even know the precise amount of time you spend or waste in each of the apps on your device?

One way to measure time used in your apps is to use RescueTime, a freemium tool that operates in the background and records the time spent on every website and app you use, including your email. RescueTime can open your eyes to the severity of your email problem, but it can’t stop you from using it. The plugin “Stayfocusd” can if you use Web-based email. Add your email website to the list of domains you’ll be prevented from accessing, then set the times when the limitations should be enforced. StayFocusd will block you from the site.

It’s better to start the day with a highly productive task and save email for later.


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Believing That Multitasking Is Unproductive

Juggling several things at the same time is an elegant way to get little done at the end of the day. That is the foundation of what multitasking. Most people prefer to put their focus on a particular thing at a time and not be distracted. They believe that splitting their attention will make them lose control and miss their target. But the truth is, you can achieve more when you delegate tasks to spare time and when you automate tasks that can be automated.

Some tasks are suitable for multitasking. Some others aren’t because of their nature. The key is to know the tasks that you can do alongside a few others. But, when a task can’t be juggled, you better give it your focus and handle it alone.


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