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Movie Review; Wives On Strike The Revolution

Wives on strike the revolution was one of the first movies to grace the cinema this year. But it was a sequel and usually, most Nollywood sequels do not live up to expectations.

Movie Review; Wives On Strike The Revolution

In this sequel, we basically continue from where things left off in the prequel. The market women are stunned by the news of the death of their college. They take up the responsibility of taking care of her children which leads to the revelation that her death was as a result of domestic violence. The women The women, spearheaded by Mama Ngozi, Mama Amina, Madam 12:30 and new additions Mama Bola and Iya Loja, the market women leader call for help for the government and instigate a strike.


The first movie saw the women striking to end child marriage and now to end domestic violence. A strike to them means a ban on sex- marital or pre-marital. Which begs the question as to if sex is the only weapon women can use before they are heard.

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The use of humor and melodrama did well to push the story forward. There was little-forced humor and it is quite easy to follow the movie without cringing much. However, there were some unnecessary scenes and subplots that were not fully developed which seems to suggest a third movie. An example is the case of the senator’s infidelity and the talk of surrogacy. Some scenes also needed to have been made more believable.

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Trying to fit a lot of message into one movie without losing direction is not an easy feat. And this did not go well for this movie. As it at some looked like each subplot was grasping for threads to sew the story together.  We see domestic violence, child bride marriage, surrogacy, political empowerment of women etc.

But this movie speaks up for relevant issues in our society using good acting and humor to tell its story. Wive On Strike 2 features Kenneth Okonkwo, Elvina Ibru, Odunlade Adekola, Sola Sobowale, Toyin Aimakhu, Julius Agu, Chioma Chukwuka, Uche Jombo, Ufuoma McDermot, Omoni Oboli.


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