Ladies, This Is How You Can Shop On A Budget & Still Save

Ladies, This Is How You Can Shop On A Budget & Still Save

We all live in two worlds. One where we hope to buy labeled or designers brands and the other where we have to shop within or budgeted finance.

Here are some tips that are determined to help you save some money

1. Do your research and find out stores that are on sale. There you can buy statement pieces at a highly discounted price.
2. Check for deals on online or e-commerce shops. Dealdey and jumia offer a lot of deals sometimes.
3. Be careful of the way you follow trends. Do not spend a fortune on a fashion trend that would phase out within a year.
4. Stop spending a lot on layering pieces like a turtleneck, basic tee-shirts etc. You can always walk into a regular store and buy one at a great price. Such items are easy to replace.
5. Shop in the men or children’s section. Do not judge me but sometimes their clothes are cheaper. You can get tees at a good price, a variety of designs. If you are like me that love my tees free and not snug then just walk straight to the men’s section.
Ladies, This Is How You Can Shop On A Budget & Still Save
6. Skip the one-time cloths. Is there really any use of buying clothes you would wear just once and dump? Instead of buying for “the event” buy for the “the investment”.
7. Shop off-season. The best time to shop is off season. Off the holidays.

Even though you’ll be purchasing items in advance, you would be saving a lot as prices are always the most expensive going into the season.

8. Have a tailor friend that can easily adjust a dress for you.When you go shopping and find a cheap cloth but a bit bigger than your size. Do not ignore it. Pick it up and have your tailor work on it.The tailor’s bill, plus your purchase will still be cheaper than buying it at the beginning of the season.

9. Bend down and select. We know the second hand is not for everyone but for those who can. Bend down and find treasures in the haul.




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