jobs you can do with your laptop

Businesses and Jobs You Can Do With Your Laptop

Perhaps you’re a young kid trying to find productive things you can do to earn some money with your computer gadgets; Perhaps you are a university student who wants to start his/her own business and create a job for yourself rather than seeking for one. Or perhaps you are a corporate office worker looking for something you can do on the side, or you want to leave the corporate race for higher positions. Irrespective of your current status, the internet has made it possible for almost anyone to become an entrepreneur or independent worker.

You are about to see some of the businesses and jobs you can do with your laptop and internet connection.

Businesses and Jobs You Can Do With Your Laptop


app development

Web developers and programmers who are engaged in or specialize in the development of apps and websites or applications that run from web servers to browsers,

  • Web Developer

    There are millions and probably billions of businesses and enterprises all over the world, Even in the country or state you live in, businesses exist that don’t have a website. Some of them don’t have good websites too.

  • Mobile App Developer

    There are more than 2 billion smartphones in the world today. Mobile app developers are always in demand to create new mobile applications.

  • Blog Maintainer

    There are millions of blogs on the internet, and a lot of them are owned by companies without anyone to manage it. Educate yourself on what is required and do it for them.

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Graphic Design

graphics design

Graphic design is the creation of visual concepts by hand or using computer software. It’s usually done to communicate, captivate, or inform through design ideas.

  • Logo Designer

    Since there are millions of websites for small businesses and companies who want to be distinguished, that gives you millions of potential clients. But some of them already have logos, and only a few of them have good logos.

  • Website Designer

    Like logos, even website will need the right design to attract and keep customers.

  • Book Cover Designer

    You can find thousands of books and other content getting generated annually and the books need a good cover design. This large number of books that need a cover design doesn’t include e-books.

  • Mobile App Designer

    App developers will often need a good design to work with. Mobile app designers design the apps they program.

  • Computer-Aided Designer

    CAD Drawings, Virtual Prototypes, and 3D mockups are often needed by companies before they manufacture a product.

  • Website Theme  Designer

    According to WordPress, more than 70 million websites are WordPress sites, and about half of them are self-hosted sites. This means there are roughly 35 millions websites that need themes.


Writing in a specific niche may not be easy to find on your own, but online writing jobs make it more accessible. Advertise and market your writing skills to people and companies that need experts.

  • Author

    A lot of people have difficulty writing out their books with the ideas they have and successfully sell copies. They often need other authors who know and have what it takes to write a good book.

  • Editor

    Part of the reason why some books don’t give writers a return on investment because authors will have to pay for an editor. You will most likely earn more money from being an editor than an author. There are thousands of editor jobs available online

  • Copywriter

    With millions of blogs and websites on the internet, companies are always in need of content to publish on their websites. You could make yourself available to be paid to write content for them. You can write as a guest author or as an author for a specific site or blog.

  • Transcriber

    Some books start out as webinars or audio documentation. Ghostwriters often take jobs like this to transcribe what the speaker said and turn it into books.

  • Translator

    English is a universal language, and the content of blogs, books, and other online content come written in English. These contents often require translation to other languages, and people get paid for translating them.

  • Blogger

    A lot of people have made money from blogging. To attract quality advertisers that will pay you, you simply need to pull in a couple of thousand visitors to your site daily.

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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing

Internet marketers make use of advertising and other marketing strategies with web support and email to drive their sales.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Website owners and companies want their websites to appear at the top of search results. Using Search Engine Optimization, you’ll get paid by doing this for them,

  • Social Media Manager

    You probably need no lesson regarding how people try to make their businesses and companies known through social media. But what some people do not realize is that it is possible to get paid for managing a company’s or business’ social media accounts.

  • Email Marketing Manager

    Money gets generated and earned from businesses and companies by helping them to automate their email newsletters.

So, What Next?

This list might be quite a long, and the jobs and businesses might appear overwhelming. However, it goes to show that you don’t have to work in an office for someone somewhere to make a living. Most of the time, it only takes some time to practice and learn all you have to about one of them. After which, working in that area will not be so difficult.

It is also possible to combine the jobs you can do with your laptop and do a few at a time. For instance, it is possible to serve as a logo designer, a web designer, and a mobile designer for a client who wants to set up a website. And, it is also possible to work as an author, and editor, and a copywriter for a publishing client.

Don’t limit yourself and be open about what you do. These businesses and jobs you can do with your laptop won’t take much from you. All you need to get started is a laptop and a good internet connection.


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