How To Slay Oversized Fashion

For a long time, custom fits and skin tight clothes have been in power in the fashion scene. But the latest trend is to go loose. It is time to bring out all baggy t-shirts, slouchy coats, and slightly big dresses that have been hidden in one’s closets for such a long time.

if worn in the right way, oversized clothes can also look just as chic and smart as the trendy ones.

Check out some oversized high fashion looks you can rock today.

Oversized Sweaters:

Possibly the most common way to go oversize. You can’t go wrong with big fluffy sweaters with skinny jeans. You can also pair your sweater with a skirt or short shorts.


Oversized Jackets:

This can be a denim jacket or a blazer even. The blazer sounds unconventional, and yes it is. The trick is to make sure every other item you’re in is fitted and chic.

Oversized Jeans (Boyfriend Jeans):

The boyfriend jeans are my personal favourite. To get the perfect fit for this, make sure they are not more than 2 sizes bigger than you. But you want the waist to be at most one size bigger if not the right fit.

Oversized Shirts:

This is best pulled off with a plain white shirt. You can choose to pair it with a skinny or boyfriend jeans but my personal favourite is tucked into a full Maxi skirt.

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