Gadgets and Items to Make the Office a Fun Workplace

An average office worker spends no less than 80,000 working hours at his/her workplace during his or her lifetime. That’s about 9 years of their time confined to spaces you have to get familiar with.

Your office is like your second home, and it only makes sense that you make it fun and comfortable for you. Some big companies have incredibly amazing ideas that helped them to turn their offices into an oasis to relax and work with less stress. But not everyone has such good employers who have made that possible. So, you are left to create that good and comfortable working environment for yourself.

To help with that, we have selected a handful of quirky and creative things that can bring fun back to the workplace where you spend a lot of time.

Don’t forget to let us know which ones you prefer.


Daily mood tracker with emojis


emoji fill

Keep track of your moods throughout the week or for an entire month with this daily mood tracker. And if you want, you can keep it as a reminder for coworkers to either keep their distance or approach you when you want.

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open folder

wall folders

Literally, they’re folders. But they make office staff appear to be whimsical in their work approach.


Like and Dislike stamps

like and dislike stamps

Like and dislike stamps

These are good for expressing your sentiments without being rude to your subordinates or co-workers in your workplace.


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WTF stamps

wtf stamp

wtf stamp

Also, like the Like and Dislike stamps. If sarcasm might sound offensive to the people you work with, this will help with your responses to ridiculous files.


Laptop case

laptop case

Become the envy of your co-workers with this awesome pouch for holding your Laptop computer.

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