Building Your Professional Wardrobe On A Budget

Building Your Professional Wardrobe On A Budget

A lot of people have in their diaries or the back of their minds to lose weight or get a new job. If this is you then you may want to upgrade your professional wardrobe.

When you, however, have a limited budget this might be a bit difficult. Your professional wardrobe doesn’t exactly have to be rigidly business except that is what is expected of at your place of work. But most businesses now operate on a business-casual modus operandi.

Your watchword should be to be comfortable and be flexible.

 3 Fashion Items You Can Always Slay With

Be versatile while shopping

Having completely separate wardrobes for professional wear and casual-wear can be expensive. So if you want to save money, it’s important to find things that can create multiple outfits.

Always opt for key cloths that can offer you several options. Solid colored tops or shirts, especially, have a greater ability to be mixed and matched with different accessories such as scarves and cardigans, which can change the look and dressiness of an outfit.

Find key pieces

Always start from the basics. Ensure you have these in your wardrobe.

A button-up shirt

A blazer: Black, navy blue or any other solid color would definitely always come in handy. Opt for blazers that are easy to clean.

These Fashion Items Trended In Nigeria 2017

Black pants: Your black trousers should be fitted for your body type.

A black pencil skirt: Knee-length skirts are typically good on women who have to go to work. You can also invest in other solid colors.

Shoes: You need comfortable shoes. Especially in black and brown. Other colors can come in later.

Always try to get comfortable clothing. Tight doesn’t mean fitting. Be flexible and remember to slay. Pay attention to the three F’s- Fit, Fabric, and Feel.

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