rivers native soup

Best Places to find the Rivers Native Soup in Port Harcourt

A Rivers delicacy made with local spices and loaded with seafood when it is found in its prime, the Rivers Native soup if well made can grant you dreams of heaven if you so desire. Fortunately for you, I have taken a chance at it so that you can find it faster if ever you pop into the city of Port Harcourt.

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Cravings in Port Harcourts GRA neighbourhood seems to offer the richest serving of the legendary native soup, the oils and spices have a way of making love to your taste buds. The climax deceptively urges you to consume the entire portion of the accompaniment, it is best advised to find a bed after having this meal. The seafood creates a riotous impression on the plate, they ensure that you wash your hands in the warm water quickly without a care to confirm if the water performed its function. Warning: do not order from this place if you are supposed to be on a diet, be advised.

cravings ph

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Jevinik is the usual suspect when you plan to discuss food in urban Nigeria, while they offer a rich menu the biggest challenge I have with these guys is the size of the portion. I love food, I am a foodie, but the portion gets to a point that it starts to feel like the chef comes with a view to kill. The interesting thing about having this soup at Jevinik is its rich soup base, you can taste the elements at the sides of your tongue, you will be punished for consuming the portion.


The Rivers native soup is a local anthem to PH people, it’s about the most common soup in the state, sort of like bitter leaf soup in Anambra. While you can find it in any corner, so far these 2 places serve the best I have tasted, you can take that to the bank.


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